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The founder of cars of type the American engineer and industrialist Arthur Herrington is considered jeep.

Jeep Name is now one of samyhizvestnyh all over the world brand names. This stamp has rich iinteresnuju the history which beginning is dated 1939 year. Jeep became the response to order, made the government of the USA in vremjavtoroj world war, to create for army easy universalnyjrazvedyvatelnyj the car. So company Willys - Overland Willys MB. Having weight of 979,78 kg (2160 pounds), load-carrying capacity 299,38 (660 pounds), the engine capacity of 29,82 kw (40 h.p.) With maksimalnymkrutjashchim the moment 142.38 N/m (105 pound/foot), a wheelbase of 2,03 m (80), this hardy car could cope practically ljubojzadachej. It could pass anywhere and make everything, everything.

1903 - Charles Knight began work on the piston engine. Claude E.Koks developed and constructed the first car Overland.

1905 - company Knight and Kilbourne Company Is formed.

1906 - Coke registered Overland Automobile Company.

1909 - John Nort Vilis based Willys-Overland Company on the basis of gone bankrupt Overland Automobile Company.

1917 - Clients of company Willys-Knight had an opportunity a choice between models Overland, Willys and Willys - Knight.

1918 - Uolter P.Krajsler have been employed to lower production cost.

in 1919 year during travel across England Vilisvzjal for rent car Daimler with Knights engine. avtomobilproizvel on it such impression that it got the licence naproizvodstvo Knights engine.

1920 - company Willys-Overland involved Uoltera P.Krajslera to reorganise manufacture.

1925 - Vilis got F.J. Stearns Company.

1926 - manufacture Overland Whippet, equipped with the four-cylinder engine began. It was advertised as samyjmalenky the car in America.

1933 - last car Willys-Knight is made.

1936 - Overcoming bankruptcy threat, the company has been renamed in Willys-Overland Motors, Inc.

1939 - Company Willys-Overland responded naprizyv armies of the USA to create the easy prospecting car. This godschitaetsja year of birth of the stamp of Jeep.

1941 - company Willys-Overland began Willys MB. By the Second World War end it has been made more 360000 this model.

1945 - Company Willys presented pervyjgrazhdansky Jeep - model CJ-2 A (mobile house), which bylaorientirovana on farmers and building workers.

1946 - company Willys began proizvodstvograzhdanskogo Jeep Station Wagon car Willys - the first polnostjumetallicheskogo the versatile person. Rear-drive the car contained this 6 and accelerated momentum 65 miles/ch.

1948 - company Willys began manufacture Jeepster Jeep Pickup. Jeepster was a vtomobilem, intended for aktivnogootdyha. The All wheel drive of wheels was offered in quality zakaznogooborudovanija.

1950 - Company Willys registered the name of Jeep as a trade mark.

1952 - company Willys presented the updated version of model CJ - CJ-3 B which was issued up to 1968.

1954 - company Kaiser got Willys-Overland which received name Willys Motors. Kaiser-Willys presented JeepCJ-5. This car saved the popularity till 80-s years.

1955 - company Willys Motors abolished stamps Kaiser and Willys.

1957 - manufacture of auto trucks of Jeep FC-150 and FC-170 Began.

1962 - Company Kaiser-Willys began proizvodstvorevoljutsionnogo Wagoneer which became a prototype sovremennyhavtomobilej SUV (for business trips and productive leisure).

1963 - Company Willys Motors is renamed in Kaiser - Jeep. Manufacture of pickup Gladiator began.

1967 - manufacture Jeepster Commando which became the first all-wheel drive car with avtomaticheskojkorobkoj drives began. By request it could be equipped by the shestitsilindrovymV-shaped engine. Following variants of a body were offered: a pickup, the versatile person, a roadster and the car with a developing roof.

1972 - company American Motors bought Kaiser-Jeep Corporation.

1973 - Mark of Jeep presented Quadra-Trac - system of an all wheel drive of type full-time.

1974 - Jeep Cherokee manufacture Began.

1976 - Jeep CJ-7 manufacture began.

1981 - manufacture of Jeep CJ-8 Scrambler Began.

1983 - manufacture of Jeep XJ Cherokee which became first-ever compact, four-door, polnoprivodnymavtomobilem class SUV Began. This car was shorter, more low and is easier Jeep Wagoneer which manufacture began in 1962.

1985 - Jeep CJ began to be offered performed by Laredo.

1986 - American Motors Corporation began Jeep Wrangler manufacture.

1987 - Chrysler Corporation bought American MotorsCorporation. Stamp of Jeep began to belong to Chrysler corporation. Chrysler organised in Bejdzhinge (China) joint venture BeijingJeep Corporation.

1988 - Jeep presented Wrangler Sahara.

1992 - Jeep Grand Cherokee manufacture (ZJ) which was equipped with the updated system of all wheel drive Quadra-Trac Began and had high level of comfort.

1996 - it is presented new Wrangler (TJ) with kruglymifarami which returned again on this car after 1988 to year have been replaced by headlights of the square form (model YJ and CJ).

1997 - Jeep presented new Cherokee on North American International. The car received the updated body, absolutely new interior and symbolics. Rear-wheel cars staliosnashchatsja airbags.

1999 - Jeep presented updated Grand Cherokee (WJ) with system of all wheel drive Quadra-Drive. This avtomobilprakticheski instantly received a title the best car for delovyhpoezdok and productive leisure for all history.

2001 - It is presented absolutely new Cherokee (Liberty for the market of the USA) which continued nice traditions of the stamp voblasti cross-country capacity. One more great innovation stalapodveska IS 43 which provides outstanding roadability iplavnost a course.