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Use of automatic chambers illegally!

Interesting precedent is created: the British motorist successfully challenged the penalties imposed on it because of pictures made the automatic chamber. Speech, truth, does not go about snimakah spid-chambers. 24-year-old Rachel Johnsons car has been photographed by the automatic chamber established on a roof of the police car when the woman parked in the forbidden place.

the British brought an action against police and carried case. In the protection she told that stood “under the badge of“ no more than ten minutes, and about shooting she has not been warned. It means that the police at gathering of proofs broke the right of the woman to a privacy of private life, informs Neil Herron.

«it is disgusting that the police uses such insignificant methods to collect the penalty. Motorists should be notified that photograph them», - the motorist is indignant.

This case became the first in English history - till now all infringers is obedient penalties paid. Now the authorities wait for a shaft of similar claims. However, hardly it turns out to protest infringements of speed and journey on red light. And here photos of an illegal parking, actually, the doubtful proof - after all on it is not visible, there is a car, goes, or, say, stopped because of technical problems, and even at all by order of the policeman.