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The motor car park of Russia continues to “look younger“

According to last data, the Russian motor car park slowly but surely “looks younger“. If in the beginning of this year middle age of the Russian car made 12 years now this age lath, according to analytical agency “???«????“, decreased for 6 months. We remind that in the end of 2007 middle age of the passenger car in the Russian Federation made 12,7 years. If rapid growth of the market of new cars this year substantial growth of duties by import of second-hand foreign cars became a serious obstacle for ageing of cars in the Russian Federation was the main reasons of a rejuvenation of the Russian park before crisis.
high duties barred autostuff way to Russia.
this spring the minister of the industry and trade of the Russian Federation Victor Khristenko declared:« In the conditions of crisis all countries stimulate updating of the motor car park, and we do not admit, that Russia transformed into the world dump of cars ». Besides introduction of new duties which most strongly struck on cars is more senior 5 years, in 2009« The rejuvenation »the Russian motor car park somewhat was promoted also by the governmental program on preferential crediting for cars in cost to 600 thousand rbl. (made in Russia). In last analytical report on a car market« the Russian autoretail in the conditions of an economic crisis », prepared by experts of department of consulting of RBC, is noticed that in 2009 the share of import secondary cars decreases in quantitative expression to 7,4 % from a total turnover of sales of cars.

and recently published technical regulations« About safety of wheel vehicles »established the new requirement for identification number of the car, that is for VIN. This number should be 17-unit and have certain structure. As to the Japanese cars which have been exhausted for home market they are marked by 11-unit identification number. Thus, this document which enters validity in a year, as a matter of fact gave up as a bad job the further import of right-hand drive cars. And after all second-hand right-hand drive “Japanese“, at the expense of a parity “price-quality“, make now beyond Ural Mountains the greatest segment of a motor park.

important influence on drop of middle age of a motor car park in Russia was rendered also by that fact that during the last years at us car assembly manufactures of the foreign companies to which the government of the Russian Federation managed to offer concessionary terms opened many. As KP-AVTO.RU the Press Secretary of representation of Skoda in the Russian Federation Timur Aliev recently informed, at the moment approximately 95 % from all quantity of the new sold cars of the Czech stamp make cars of the Russian assembly. As he said, now at the Kaluga factory various versions Fabia, Fabia Combi, Octavia, Octavia Tour, Roomster and Superb are issued.« In the near future we start manufacture of such models as Octavia RS and Octavia Scout », - he declared in Russia. Thanks to the Kaluga assembly of Skoda it is possible to constrain the prices for cars in Russia and, simultaneously, to optimise costs.

Oleg DATSKIV, director

« the Russian market continues to “look younger“, though because of crisis these rates considerably decrease. If in the developed automobile countries the quantity of decreasing old cars makes to 10 % from the general obemaprotsent decrease of old cars from market total amount at us this indicator will be in times less, but positive dynamics all the same will be saved. The action on drop of age of a motor park in the Russian Federation should render and the governmental program on recycling of cars which starts to work next year ».

Konstantin prohortsev
Konstantin prohortsev, the independent automobile expert:

«I would not began to do optimistical forecasts on« rejuvenescence »motor car park. First, because term of possession of the car, both new, and second-hand, now increased. Secondly, the program of delivery of the car in breakage for monetary indemnification at a rate of 50 thousand rbl., certainly, will promote increase of demand for new cars, but such measure possesses not only positive effect. After term of this program ends, the market of new cars will be rolled away back. Look at a situation in the USA, - as soon as support of recycling of old cars ended, demand for new production» there and then fell.