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Russians prefer a box-automatic machine more and more

According to the data of the probe spent by agency “???«????“, the increasing popularity in our country is got by an automatic transmission. So, if in 2006 on a share of the new cars equipped with an automatic transmission (including« The robot »and a variator) 20,8 % of the market in 2007 the share of such cars grew to 23,5 % were necessary.

Following the results of 2008 in the Russian market it has been sold 555,1 thousand cars with“automatic machine“and more 88,8 thousand piece equipped with a variator. As a whole the share of cars with an automatic transmission following the results of last year made 30,3 % from market total amount (2,8 million pieces).

In a segment of foreign cars a share of cars of the equipped automatic transmissions still above - an order of 45 %. According to experts, the tendency to further to growth of quantity of cars with automatic transmissions and variators the next years continues to amplify.


Automatic machines equip also Russian, and even the Chinese cars. The automatic transmission of manufacture of German firm ZF instal trading-service enterprise“ Autocenter-toljatti-vases “on“Prioru“, to put“automatic machine“on the new car costs from 65 000 roubles. Chinese peredneprivodnyj crossover Chery Tiggo is on sale in Russia from a 4-step automatic transmission.


we Leave “mixer“ to museums

Personally for me there was unexpectedness that the titled race drivers with whom I could communicate, in an everyday life, as a rule, prefer “automatic machine“. MKPP dies off and soon remains only on the most brutal off-road cars and - they in it are convinced of a segment of low budget cars. Moreover, assure that the most innovative boxes allow to go both in a comfortable economic mode, and with excellent sports dynamics with which be dispersed on “handle“ can unless the racer-professional.

MKPP - archaism? The author.
Thus competently to be switched on MKPP only insignificant number us is able, the usual drivers even possessing the long-term experience of driving - about it it is literally in a voice instructors of eminent schools of driving repeat. The wrong choice of drive, occurrence in turning movement on neutral, braking with the pressed clutch pedal is, alas, norm for the majority. Remember, how “skilled“ drivers learnt us to roll in a youth from hills, switching off drive to save fuel! And the statements extended till now that “chopper“ tupit », and« on “handle“ I will tear any », as a rule, with excessive bravado are afforded, to put it mildly, by only immodest drivers, not tried anything it is better than a usual“slow“4-step hydrotransformer automatic transmission.

and more argument: in the fourth Absolute dreg-fight in the middle of Russia past year in Krasnoyarsk the best time in Russian drege (result - 8,702 seconds!) Showed all-wheel drive Toyota Soarer 1995, piloted by Maria Panovoj. How think, what box by that car? “Automatic machine“! So, we leave “mixer“ to museums?!

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