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Chineses seized: buy up automobile brands, as pies

More recently there passed the information that to Heavenly Empire Hummer entering into General Motors leaves. For its $500 million the Chinese company Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery intends to buy. However the desire to conclude such bargain yet does not guarantee its end. The Chinese government still can forbid similar agreements at which the sum on foreign investments exceeds $100 million

Now it became known that company Geely Automotive entered into the preliminary agreement with other American concern of Ford about purchase of the stamp of Volvo, writes Chinadaily. Transaction details are not disclosed yet. As inform the Chinese mass-media, in case of successful end of purchase Geely Automotive plans to construct factory in Heavenly Empire. Manufacture prepare to develop in the city of Dunguan, the province of Guangzhou and to exhaust on it of Volvo XC90 crossovers.

the Sum of transaction is not known yet. However Volvo is not Hummer, and $500 million Here obviously not to manage. According to the experts, Ford concedes the Swedish stamp not less, than for $3 billion As the Chinese government concerns such sum?