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The motorcyclist jumped through flying KAMAZ

Vladimir Chaginas joint extreme-project, the pilot of a command the KAMAZ-MASTER, the repeated winner of rally-spot-check “Dakar“, and Alexey Kolesnikov, Russian motofristajlera, took place one of these days in Kolomna.

the jump has been made within the limits of Kolesnikovs preparation for competitions Red Bull X-Fighters coming it which pass on June, 26th in Moscow on Vasilevsky descent. And Vladimir Chagin used this possibility as additional check on strength of the auto truck before rally «the Silk way» which takes place in September on a route St.-Petersburg - Sochi. The idea of the joint project came to sportsmen during visiting of training base of a command by Alexey the KAMAZ-MASTER in Naberezhnye Chelny.

preparation for a jump was conducted within ten days. On city suburb on specially prepared platform two have been built perpendicular each other a springboard - for cross jump KAMAZa and a motorcycle. For dispersal and a landing of the nine-ton auto truck the springboard on which building left about 500 cubes of a ground has been generated. The springboard height made 2,5 metres, distance from a point of a separation to a landing - 12 metres that corresponds to height of the four-storeyed house, and this distance it was necessary to fly KAMAZu for the speed of 58 km/hour. For a motorcycle jump the stage in height hardly less than three metres has been established, the highest point of a finding of a motorcycle in air made 12 metres, length of flight - 21 metre.

despite the strong wind representing real danger to the motorcyclist, some jumps have been made.

Alexey Kolesnikov showed some tricks. It appeared the most entertainment “bekflip“, or a return somersault, over flying KAMAZom.