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Increase of the transport tax “prokatili“

The Federation Council of the Russian Federation at session on Wednesday rejected the law which provided increase in tax rates twice on all categories of vehicles. In particular, it was supposed that cars with engine power to 100 l. With. Would be taxed at a rate of 10 roubles on 1 l. With., with engine power over 150 l. With. - at a rate of 60 roubles on 1 l. With. Evgenie Bushmin, the head of cross-sectional committee of the senate, told that in present conditions double increase of rates of the tax - «business wrong». To deputies of the lower chamber gave week of time for completion of amendments, and senators return to peresmotreniju them on November, 25th, i.e. specially prepare for this purpose for two days before the planned.

however to pay to automobile owners all the same it is necessary more. Though and not everywhere. The transport tax for Muscovites, for example, next year will not raise. It was declared on Tuesday, on November, 17th, on air of TV channel TVTS by the mayor of capital Yury Luzhkov. Thus he specified that the small increase in the transport tax will be made for firms which use expensive cars. Valentina Matvienko, the governor of St.-Petersburg, earlier too said that in northern capital the tax will not hoist. However, within the limits of present rates it and so the maximum.

Luzhkov, by the way, considers the decision on investment of regions with the right to regulate the transport tax on the basis of new rates “a responsibility“ rearrangement. But the authorities of some republics, edges and areas already made the decision on increase of the tax within the limits of former rates (a detail on our site).

Michael Deljagin. Read the full shorthand report of an aether on radio «Komsomol truth» (97.2 FM).

Michael Deljagin, the director of Institute of problems of globalisation:

- the Transport tax - only the most obvious defect of the budget! I am very glad that the president about roads told, at least told. Because, say, about the Western high-speed diameter in St.-Petersburg speak about the price in 180 mln. dollars for kilometre, it even did not dream Moscow, where there adronnomu kollajderu! To space to fly more cheaply, than to construct road under such quotations. Certainly, this mad disgrace, a monstrous disgrace which simply does not allow Russia to develop.

we now are in a condition hardly probable not Peter the Great times. After all as in Russia stopped streletskie revolts? Not because streltsov hung, anything similar. Streletsky revolts flashed, when there was an impassability of roads, and in streletskie large villages it was impossible to bring up bread. But at Peter (not Peter personally, Peter was not engaged in it, it politicised, but at it) approximately by 1709 constructed normal for those times, human country roads, instead of directions. As a result in any weather began possible to arrive to any point of Russia on a cart. And streletskie revolts ended, because, hardly what not so, it was possible to bring up at once if not bread, then soldiers.
Coming back to the transport tax, I want to underline an important detail: it is not target. That is, though it also undertakes from proprietors of cars, but should not go on road construction by target image as it was in 90 and in the beginning 2000.


“Horsies“ and

In the automobile country USA the transport tax is engaged in the gasoline price. The construction of roads there is financed at the expense of the taxes raised from drivers at refuelling. From one gallon (3,8) gasolines the federal road fund receives 2,5 cents. Similar local taxes to gasoline have also states of the USA, for this bill highways in each staff are under construction.

Germans struggle for ecology, since July, 1st, 2009 into Germany entered a new order of calculation of the transport tax. Earlier total figure paid off under the formula, as the initial data for which the volume of the engine and level of carbonic gas in a car exhaust was used. Now the transport tax in Germany consider only taking into account values CO2, owners of new cars, “pure“ and small, pay less, owners “ecologically dirty“ - it is more. The transport tax to old cars consider in an old fashion. And there is nothing to smoke!

the authorities of the Netherlands went further everything, they plan to cancel in general in 2012 the road tax and the tax to a vehicle. Them replace with gathering from calculation of run of the car. How make? For them it is simple: Since 2012 all cars in the country will be connected to satellite system which precisely defines real run of each car for the separate period and allows to calculate the individual sum of gathering. To cheat the companion it does not turn out. According to the minister of transport of the Netherlands Kamilja Erlingsa, such approach can lower the general run of cars on the country on 15 %, and fuel consumption - already on 20 %.

the Base rate of the transport tax to the car in Russia

Engine power, l. With. The rate now, rbl. for l. With.

to 100 l. With. 5 roubles

from 100 to 150 l. With. 7 roubles

from 150 to 200 l. With. 10 roubles

over 250 l. With. 30 roubles

Calculator “ĘĎ“

How much we pay really now

Capacity dvig. Rbl./ l. With.


to 100 l. With. 7

over 100 l. With. To 125 l. With. 20

over 125 l. With. To 150 l. With 30

over 150 l. With. To 175 l. With. 38

over 175 l. With. To 200 l. With. 45

over 200 l. With. To 225 l. With. 60

over 225 l. With. To 250 l. With. 75

over 250 l. With. 150


to 100 l. With. 22

over 100 l. With. To 150 l. With. 35

over 150 l. With. To 200 l. With. 50

over 200 l. With. To 250 l. With. 75

over 250 l. With. 150