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To change traffic regulations - half-affairs …

Absolutely unexpectedly the government brought a number of amendments in Traffic regulations which come into force in November of current year. Changes are necessary, nobody argues, but it would be desirable, of course, that similar things with experts and automobile public organisations. All the same traffic regulations concern each of us, even irrespective of, we have the car or not.

it is good that the decision comes into force in half a year after official publication, and we have time to be prepared for changes.

constant driving with a passing beam is, undoubtedly, a thing important but how to accustom to it our economical drivers on bulbs? In my opinion, besides traffic regulations it is necessary to change and rules of certification of cars. The right to sale and manufacture in our country should receive those cars at which the passing beam is engaged automatically with ignition key turning movement. In many markets it works more than ten years. And problems with observance of this measure does not arise.

undoubtedly, on road the priority of pedestrians should be provided. Besides, to achieve it from our drivers very difficult. Not that at us culture. Since the childhood us learnt: look - on the left, then to the right, be convinced that there are no cars, and pass. In Europe on the contrary - approach to road, be convinced that for you make way and pass. That drivers started to make way for pedestrians, a lot of time and serious explanatory work is required.

on lines cases when there is a sign «Passing are frequent is forbidden», its action did not end, and the faltering marking already began. Now we should get used that a sign glavnee. Inconsistent situations will be, of course, less. However it is not enough to make amendments, not bad are expensive to result in such condition that there were no disputable situations.

by the way, now it is not clear that with passing on the right. As since November passing is the advancing of the HARDWARE connected with departure on a strip of approaching traffic it is obvious that now it is possible to go round the car on the right side, and it which measure will not be considered as infringement. Strange.

these amendments as it is declared, urged to raise safety of traffic. It is willingly believed that and will be, but only if the traffic police starts to stop all infringements, and not just for what it is put otem “rights“.