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Swindlers “warm“ hands on recycling of cars

From next year in Russia the government program of recycling of cars earns. The portal KP-AVTO.RU predicts that the innovation calls splash in every possible frauds and occurrence of “dirty“ schemes among fans of an easy money. Together with experts we tried to understand this question.

addressing to journalists, the minister of the industry and trade Victor Khristenko in St.-Petersburg informed on October, 25th that from next year in Russia the program on recycling of old cars paid by the state will be started. In this case, considerable public funds which are of interest for dishonest persons will be allocated. Not a secret that now razvaljuhu “on the move“ it is possible to get approximately for 8 thousand rbl. rather essential difference between this sum and 50 thousand rbl. which will stand out for autostuff, as a result, turns out. Portal KP-AVTO.RU, together with experts, discussed every possible schemes of fans to profit for anothers bill.

AUTOSTUFF In exchange for MONEY
For the recycling program allocate about 10 billion rbl.

It is a question of recycling of cars is more senior 10 years, and both the Russian manufacture, and foreign cars. It is planned that all for the program next year it will be spent about 10 billion rbl. According to the document which prepares the industry and trade Ministry, motorists at whom the car is in the property not less than year, can hand over it on recycling, receiving in exchange the certificate on 50 thousand rbl. which will be included as the first payment at purchase of the new car. With use of such certificates it will be possible to get both the Russian cars, and the foreign cars assembled in the Russian Federation. Under the recycling program it is planned to redeem and utilise about 200 thousand cars. The first under experiment Moscow, Moscow Region, St.-Petersburg, Samara, Nizhni Novgorod get.
Even by the old car it will be possible to “earn“ in addition. The photo

As well as in a case with insurance payments, the recycling program will be of interest not only for legislative citizens, but also for various swindlers who can “work“ as alone, and the whole groups. In particular, here an example, for “lifting“ of additional money and the usual automobile owner. The car intended for recycling, completely is surveyed on replacement possibility still quite tolerable knots and units then capable details are replaced with the analogues intended on blowout. Then, those details which have been dismantled from the car, are realised in the secondary market of spare parts.


Wishing to get the car agrees with the owner of autostuff then that hands over the car, then buys «for myself» (for money of the first) the new car and “sells“, “passes“, “trusts“, “gives“, etc. to its present owner. Basically, it is a lot of variants, their mass application depends on the size of the various duties assembled at this or that transaction. It is possible not to doubt that in the field there will be the whole intermediary “firms“, offering to buy the car “at a discount“. Behind examples it is not necessary to go far, almost on everyone to a column in big cities announcements - «the Help hang at delivery on the rights and passage THAT».
Officials too pinch off from «the big pie».

we Remind that in the last summer in Germany serious scandal inflamed. To Africa and countries of Eastern Europe illegally took out from Germany for sale over 50 thousand the cars sent earlier on recycling within the limits of the program on updating of a motor car park of the country. Under the statement of representatives of criminal police of Germany, every tenth car intended for delivery in breakage, pereprodaetsja in other countries. In the Russian variant, hardly it will be possible to resell the handed over car, but here to organise the mass I will eat spare parts, in the slightest degree suitable for use in second-hand car, quite probably.

the Deputy chief of sales department GK of “Torgmash“ Pavel LJAMENKOV:

«many schemes of swindle Will extend. The first stage - certificate reception on 50 thousand rbl. Here begins - from banal falsification of documents, to more refined methods, with participation of“dead“souls. Weak place of this system that after delivery of the certificate the car is utilised. And, in what it was complete sets, anybody and never learns, and at the same time, what number units on it were, too will be covered by a gloom... It is quite probable that certificates will receive and only under documents, instead of under cars, i.e. the car for which the certificate is received, will be never handed over in breakage, and will be sold on spare parts... It is possible to argue as much as necessary long, what schemes of swindle will exist, but invariable there is one - if there is any monetary stream of public funds necessarily there will be corresponding people who direct a part of this stream to the pockets. After certificate reception there will be a problem of its cashing in, here all is easier, for example, purchase in a showroom of the car and its delivery back in a showroom under an imaginary pretext. If the monitoring system is accurately built and at different levels due control of execution then people cease to go by “dustbins“ will be carried out, and the cheapest rattletrap will cost not less than 50 thousand rub ».