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Insurers of MTPL “will again be turned off“ from direct settlement

From the next Sunday automobile owners can obtain compensation on MTPL in the insurance company. But insurers already thought up how to deprive of their this possibility, wrote “Sheets“.

we Remind that since March, 1st the Russian autoinsurers should pass to new principles of settlement of losses on the autocitizen. Now the victim in road accident addresses for payment on MTPL in the company of the originator of failure, in 10 days he can address to the insurer from whom bought the policy. Introduction of this norm already time was transferred - it should come into force since July, 1st, 2008.

insurers to the last resisted to an innovation. And in January they asked Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin to transfer terms of introduction of direct settlement still already for two years. The Ministry of Finance refused. But rules of indemnification within the limits of direct settlement are defined not by the Ministry of Finance, and professional association - the Russian union of autoinsurers (RSA). Its members prepared the draught agreement between SK in which the bases for refusal in direct settlement are described. It can occur in the event that the insurer guilty of failure within five days does not confirm or and at all refuses to the insurer of the victim readiness to pay damages. Then behind compensation of a damage the driver should go, as before, to the insurance company of the originator of road accident, to be trampled down in turns and to communicate with unpleasant people from department of settlement of losses. After all much know that the policy to you and on the house with pleasure bring, and money it is necessary then vytsarapyvat.

the Insurance companies can use these points to pay only on small losses, and others and will not pay at all, discrediting idea of direct compensation. RSA 20 % of refusals and more - an occasion to off-schedule check of the insurer by representatives of the union will watch number of refusals in direct compensation. But we understand, in whose interests the Union of insurers works! Today the union presidium can confirm this agreement between members of the union about direct indemnification. As they say, we wait-with.