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Test drive Lifan Solano: “mountaineer“ with the Chinese accent

Again from the Caucasian mountains the wind blew. Also is called it as “Solano“. So romantic name (so in Spain name a strong southwest wind) carries a new product of Karachaevo-Circassian and Chinese car industries. The tandem of “Dervejsa“ and Lifan brought into the world the next “windy“ car.

their first-born - Breez - was simple and simple. Calculated on the mass, unsophisticated motorist, it in short terms occupied the niche in the market. A sedan of S-class Lifan Solano manufacturers position already as “premium“ in a category “house-keeper“. Still! The new car stuffed with pleasant conveniences to the automobile owner. In unique while a complete set enter ABS, two airbags, a full electropackage, the air conditioner, an audiosystem and the on-board computer, and also unessential, but pleasant trifles: light-emitting diode “dimensions“ in front optics, light-alloy disks and adjustable lumbar podpory at front seats.

for Originality in design of a body we will not search.

according to manufacturers, Solano presses in market “Harmony-prioru“ and “Renault-Logan“. Outwardly “baby“ Solano is quite pleasant, however, for originality in design of a body of the Chinese auto-offspring we will not search, we tell only that the defects irritating an eye, is not noticed.

at enough impressive sizes inside the car is marvellously rather small. The motorist hardly above medium height will already feel nekomfortno. And the luggage compartment volume is small in comparison with price competitors - only 386 litres. And where the space got to? Not otherwise - it is hidden in the fourth measurement.

inside the car seems less, than outside.

On a drivers place it is convenient so, as long travel does not tyre. Creating a metre panel, logical Chineses were guided, first of all, by a practicality and convenience to the driver. All options of driving near at hand. Any button can be found, without distracting from road. Though here steering of an audiosystem could be placed on a wheel. Nevertheless grace in design of a metre panel does not suffice. But for the mountain man appearance business the tenth, main - temperament.

graces in design of a metre panel do not suffice.

here “breeze“ pumped up. Instead of hot Caucasian customs, under a cowl reserved customs of the inhabitant of Heavenly Empire were found out. Volume of the engine of 1,6 litres (106 l. With.) It is obviously rather weak, therefore the car slowly is dispersed and is lazy. In 170 km/hour promised by the manufacturer it is believed hardly.

the head of representation Lifan in Russia Put Tszetsjun promised that in the updated complete set which appears by the end of the year, Solano will be “pogorjachee“ - with the engine of 1,8 l.

the suspender smooth, adequately maintains “features“ of the North Caucasian road which on a way from Cherkessk to a mountain resort Dombai is enough. The Steering supplied with the hydraulic booster, does not call censures, providing control and manoeuvrability on road.

even on good speed Solano easily enters into abrupt turning movements. Efforts to keep the car, it is not necessary to apply. Creating the braking system, a tandem of manufacturers rasstaralsja wonderfully well. Small pressing a brake pedal, and Solano strives to rise, as «sheet before a grass». In an emergency situation when the local Dzhigit on “KAMAZe“ the beginnings sharply to be reconstructed in the left number, I told “thanks“ of this lovely feature.

two hours of a way from Cherkessk in a mounting skiing resort Dombai and back a command of test drive Solano spent rather pleasantly.

with confidence it is possible to tell that the car can easily compete to representatives of an economy class both domestic, and foreign manufacture.


On all remarks of meticulous journalists representative Lifan Put Tszetsjun diplomatically smiled and promised all defects to eliminate in new complete set Solano which appears in the autumn of 2010.« Breeze »equip with an automatic transmission - a variator, and also the engine of 1,8 litres capacity of 137 l. With. However, it also will cost more expensively.

it is primary Lifan planned to assemble in 2010 on Circassian car factory of 5 thousand cars, including 2 thousand Solano. However now the motor-car manufacturer reconsidered plans towards increase - to 6-7 thousand cars.


the Engine:

Quantity of cylinders/valves

Rjadnyj of 4 cylinder, 16 valves, MPI

the Compression ratio


Volume (cubic sm)


Capacity (l.s at rpm)


the Twisting moment (n/m at rpm)


the Maximum speed (km/h)


Acceleration time to 100 km/h (sek)


the Kind and fuel consumption
(km l/100 at 90 km/h)


tank Volume ()


the Body:


the Sedan

Quantity of doors/places


Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)


the Wheelbase (mm)


the Track (front/back, mm)


the Front suspension

Type MacPherson

the Rear suspension

the Beam

Front brakes

Diskovye ventilated

Rear brakes


the Road gleam (mm)


the Equipped weight (kg)


the Fully loaded mass (kg)


sharp turn Radius ()


the Size of rubber

195/60 R15

baggage compartment Volume (l.)



the complete set Name

1,6 LX Sedan


the Air conditioner


the Steering booster


the Central lock on all doors with DU


the Signalling


Electrowindow regulators front and rear


the Adjustable steering tube


Lateral rear-view mirrors with the electric drive




Leather interior


a backing Radar (parktronik)


Deflektory of giving of air to rear seats


Active safety



Automatic lock-up of doors during movement


the Additional stoplight


Passive safety

the Airbag of the driver


the Airbag of the passenger


the Indicator of not fastened seat belt of the driver



the Chromeplated radiator enclosure


Cast disks


Rear-view mirrors in colour of a body



Fog lights


the Corrector of headlights


Repeaters of turning movements in rear-view mirrors


Sense lights on doors at opening


System of internal illumination of interior





rear screen Heating


light Gauge


Developing in a proportion 60:40 rear seats


Heating up of rear-view mirrors


the On-board computer



Adaptation of the engine for a frigid climate


Anticorrosive processing of a body


the Price

355 770 rbl.