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Kama Č-511: to snow - hurrah!

Snow, as usual, dropped out unexpectedly. Still the day before looked through dry asphalt - and were already found out sugrobiki with which, certainly, on the occasion of the day off public utilities have not time to consult in the morning.

it is a high time to check up, how will feel “nivka“ on kamskoj shipovannoj to rubber. We remind: on “Niva“ we established winter spiked tyres Č-511 of Nizhnekamsk manufacture.

I Will make a reservation also: a sight at tyres at me especially consumer. Therefore calculation of the fractions of a second spent by car on dispersal and braking, we leave to professionals. I, to tell the truth, from winter rubber need the main thing - that she allowed to feel comfortably at the wheel in our classical conditions: when snow already dropped out, and kommunalshchiki did not wake up yet.

so, a problem the first - to leave from a court yard. A court yard cleaned - and snow nakidali under wheels. For “Niva“ it, of course, not accident. But on vsesezonke for fidelity sometimes it was necessary to pass to a hill-climbing gear - that, jumping out of the formed snowdrift, casually not to touch closely parked next cars.

on such “511“ precautions it was not required.« Nivka »softly passed through small groups of fresh fluffy snow as though went on cheese. Ability of thorns to slow down trogane from a place (« Niva »usually gets under way jerky) here it appeared very opportunely. It was necessary to read in autoreviews that Č-511 provides flotation ability not only at the expense of thorns which at several centimetres friable not very much help snow, but also at the expense of actually features of a tread. It was necessary to be convinced of it actually on road. It cleaned, but a pair of clocks back and somehow selectively. In the right number the left wheels get on the cleaned asphalt, and right - on not cleaned. And in other numbers is not especially more comfortable, cars trudge with a speed no more than 40 km at an oclock. Strange, but a special difference between driving by a crude part of a line and type of the cleared I do not feel.« Niva »rows confidently enough, allows to make maneuvers by a wheel and to be dispersed faster creeping stream.

it is braked - on sensations kamskaja“shipovka“does this process by smoother, as though partly replacing ABS. And now - it is necessary to me on a sharp turn. On kamovskoj vsesezonke« Kama the Flame »on a frost combined with a snowfall, it was the most“inconvenient“maneuver - wheels started to slide sideways. Č-511 proved to be essentially in another way: any lateral slippage, and the sharp turn radius - is much less.

In general, on winter road I-511 I would give for convenience of passage of turning movements the an excellent with the big plus. Sensation such that the car on these tyres on turning movement lets in claws the earth - and turns round them.

Still the separate five - for driving on nechishchenym to court yard. We go as on the caterpillar tank.

about impressions of driving on these tyres in ice - in a following material.

Technical characteristics of tyres Kama Č-511

the Size 175/80 R16

design Type radial

tread pattern Type winter

Thorns are