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Moskviches are ready to stand hours per plugs if only not to go down in the underground

Deadly threat can is momentary to turn consciousness. After acts of terrorism on September, 11th hardly someone will be already indignant to examination at the airport. We remove footwear and brjuchnye belts resignedly and with readiness. Recent explosions in a capital underground returned for a wheel of many of those who saved before time and without sharp need did not go by the car. In the first days after tragedy at the central metro stations there are less than passengers. In streets, on the contrary, became even more dense. 6-7 points on Yandex scale between rush hours are a norm. In “hot“ time in traffic blocks not to force the way.

bombed many capital taxi drivers condemned

Right after explosion in an underground lifted up the prices at 5-10 time and for a 300-rouble trip demanded to 3 thousand one rubles. Them condemned both mass-media, and politicians, and even the patriarch. And the mayor of Moscow considers that in Russia the law for the aid to taxi drivers should be passed.

«It is necessary for the State Duma to make quickly corresponding decisions which would help us to generate a civilised taxi service», - “Interfax“ quoted Yury Luzhkovs made on air of TV “Center“ the statement.

As he said, now not registered private traders whom taxes do not pay, have advantage before taxi drivers.« It is necessary to regulate rigidly these questions and to create equal conditions, instead of to offer advantages it bombilam which earn to itself in a pocket ». Probably, capital the next coil of campaign against illegal private carriers waits.

I will bring up free of charge!

But there were people who transported late townspeople absolutely free of charge.

« looked since morning of news. Then saw messages that clever taxi drivers started to cut huge grandmas for podvoz passengers from the closed underground. On 3-4 tyshchi for flight! - Sergey writes bloger. - got from a balcony a rear seat, hoisted usually lowered back in the car as basically I go one and loaded boards, went to the underground. For a morning had time to make some trips, and brought on two-three, free of charge. Persons at them, certainly …

Switched off radio in the car. Everything are silent, at women of an eye wet ».

At Sergey followers soon appeared. To those townspeople who after act of terrorism are afraid to go down in the underground, nekotrye Muscovites offer the help - promise to bring free of charge.

«on a route of Tsareva (from MAI), Leningradka, in the Center, the Third ring, Vernadsky, University, Kopernik. Daily, after seven evenings», - Alexey writes in “LiveJournal“ and leaves mobile phone number.

at Alexey, the expert in advancement of web resources, - small “Mazda“.

- I understand people who are afraid to go down in the underground, - Alexey told to “Member of the Komsomol“. - many my acquaintances after act of terrorism changed on ground transport. I simply want to help.

many inhabitants of capital are afraid to go down till now in an underground.

- me this act of terrorism simply shocked, - Muscovite Elizabeth told to “Member of the Komsomol“. - the guy of my friend at the moment of explosion was in the next car. Fortunately, it did not suffer, but to me now it is terrible. .

Elizveta told that through the Internet already found the fellow traveller. The man, as well as it, works on Sretenka and lives near to underground “University“. It is ready to bring up free of charge.

and nevertheless to catch poputku it not an exit. Daily the underground transports eight millions passengers. All of them to cars you will not replace. Therefore all the same it is necessary for townspeople to overcome the fear (Michael Vinogradov: the Problem of terrorists - to intimidate us. Our problem - simply to live). And to the authorities - to provide in the underground the maximum safety.

our poll

We set to readers of our site a question: whether it is jogged you acts of terrorism in the underground to change from a municipal transportation on the car?

«I and so in the underground I do not go down», - so answered the majority - 40 %.

«Yes, it is better to stand in a plug» , - there was an answer second for popularity, about 30 %.

«Money for a car is not present, and for work it is necessary to go» , - so 19 % answered.

Agree and further to go in the underground ( «Is not present, on roads it is even more dangerous» ) 11 % answered.