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On July, 16th - the World day of driving for work on bajke

Hear? The sound of motors of motorcycles behind windows is distributed today to a thicket. Simply, today not simply very hot day when it would be desirable to sweep with a breeze, and day of the motorcyclist at office. «For work on a motorcycle!» (Ride to Work) - so the annual international action of motorcyclists spent at the height of summer on the third Wednesday of July is called.

today already 17th under the bill annual Day of the motorcyclist at office. The action has been created for advancement and support of idea of use of motorcycles and scooters as daily vehicles. The first action such under motto Ride to Work passed on July, 22nd, 1992.

within several years after that events the most different participants of motor-business and in general motor-life took part in propagation of the third Saturday of July as the World day of driving for work on a motorcycle. Among the very first supporters of the action were magazine Road Rider Magazine and shinnaja company Dunlop Tires.

Up to 2000 the device of similar actions was based on absolutely informal beginnings while in the specified year the profitless organisation under the same name which took in hand all organizational questions of the action has not been created. The symbolics is developed, the site for propagation motootsiklizma and dialogue of bikers is created.

now the action has the official representatives in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Mexico, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Turkey and Israel. Any interested person can take part, and it is completely not important, whether you go by a pathos chopper or sportbajke, the scooter or a motor scooter.


the Motorcycle (the scooter, a motor scooter)

allows to reach faster for work and then from work home,

consumes less fuel, than the car,

causes less harm of ecology, than larger vehicle,

is less destructive for a road carpet and bridges,

allows to pass plugs and promotes traffic reduction,

any problems with a parking,

allows to feel «in a tone»

Therefore on it it is necessary to go for work!