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Macroeconomic: we test Nissan Micra-2009

The word “Crisis“ for last year became almost to the most fashionable. All only also do that tell about unemployment, inflations, dismissal and other problems. Really there is nothing positive in crisis? If it is good to rummage, it is possible to see a cheerful spirit. For example, at some Moscow dealers fun reigns. The extension on road «the Prices below a bumper» - sounds funny. To cheer up at admirers of the stamp of Nissan, founders Micra decided to equip the babe with a fashionable device which meets at more adult modelek.

“Mikrami“ steer mainly girls.

in bezhevo-grey interior «Ěčęđű« 2009 to be pleasant. Familiar things: a convenient climate, a wheel, supports for hands on doors and not only. The panel midpoint decorates new 2-dinovyj a receiver. It also became the main object of our test.

got, went. Whats next? Further we were surprised.

all is convenient, a word - for people.

that is good:

- Quickly and economically

Technicians with pleasure estimate the 1.4-litre motor, thanks to which “Mikra“ vystrelivaet from a place is not worse than more powerful hatchbacks. Even Toyota Yaris seems to the weak. Are able nissanovtsy to do correct motors. And gear boxes: in this Micra they are switched at achievement of 5000 turns of the engine (in a mode of dynamical driving).

- the Pleasant suspender

It is ideal for our roads: moderately soft and moderately the rigid. Looking at “Mikru“ you understand, what should be a ground clearance for Russia. Long springs help to get to this machine on high curbs.

the display accurate and bright (deforms).

- 2-dinovyj Nissan Connect receiver

Is remembered that in all Infinitis and Nissan Teana 2008 of modelling year costs not the accurate colour screen of a receiver. Here, in Nissan Micra, we were met by the 5-inch bright display with the big permission. How much in it of pixels, I do not know, but a difference on the person. Unlike supernumerary 2 din systems, in Nissan Connect the excellent sensor control works. Reactions to pressing are instant. Soft, it is not necessary to press buttons strongly.

the Interface also, unlike foreign brands (I remember horror with radio tape recorder Mystery MDD-4500D), is made for the blessing of the driver and the passenger. With steering 2-dinovogo Nissan Connect consults any person. Helps not only menu Russian, but also a correct apportion of touch buttons. Anything sophisticated - all is simple. Thus automatically there is a confidence of reliability of work of Nissan Connect. At least, for 3 days of the test of essential glitches does not happen.

there Is this charming device about 17 thousand roubles if to compare version Micra with usual 2 din a combine. For this money we take pleasure in the form of navigation (and not only). The chart is placed on a SD-card and belongs to “feather“ of developers from Nissan. To check up working capacity of charts of other brands it was not possible. Native navigation works without failures. And even in lefortovskom a tunnel. The route is made standardly: a city, street, house number (only figures). In the list of cities even there is Sochi. Objects on a chart both in a 2-dimensional variant, and in 3-dimensional are displayed. I remember, in Nissan Teana I was tormented by a question how to disconnect vocal helps? In a case with Micra this problem dares quickly as the voice is engaged not “for ever“, but only for 5 seconds and by sensor control pressing. Further you go in silence.

inexpressibly pleased USB an input. I thrust at once 4-gigovuju a flash card. Tracks played quickly and without failures. For entire happiness of Nissan added “Bljutuz“ system through which it is possible not only to talk on mobile, but also to listen to the tracks from phone.

Also classically music is listened by means of CD-receiver. Are accessible to playing and MP3-files. If to pull out CD from a receiver and to insert back will continue to play a track from the interrupted place.

colour smart. In cross-section Micra it is amusing.

and what is bad?

- the Noise isolation

This sore of many cars of Nissan, and it upsets me. Most of all extraneous sounds into cabin Micra gets from arches and lateral glasses. An arch does not prevent to process antigravel, to put glasses booked (joke). Not clearly, how to overcome an importunate wind which gets into interior for the speed from 120 km/hour. I hope, rescue deflektory windows.

- a climate

the a bit noisy oven to someone can seem to the persuasive.

- 2 din Nissan Connect receiver

In the navigator most of all was afflicted with absence of small or domestic small streets. During movement the chart shows only the big streets. For example, calling in in a court yard of street of Utkin (opposite sh. Enthusiasts), I could not find myself on a chart. Would not prevent and displayed numbers of houses.

I was offended also by absence of possibility of reading DVD. All the same the receiver screen bright enough and accurate to look films on it would be class. Probably, “DVD“ is not present that Nissan loves safe driving.

for me and remained a riddle of “Bljutuz“ which after 5 attempts and did not see my phone Sony Ericsson K800i.

music in Nissan Connect ambiguously Sounds. Most likely, the weak acoustic system which rattles from powerful low frequencies disturbs.

for this technological Nissan Micra capital dealers ask 623 thousand crisis roubles. The version with usual 2-dinovym a receiver will cost 606 thousand. Apparently, the difference is insignificant.
chrome on this dark-violet Micra looks harmoniously.

there are some figures - Nissan Micra 2009

the Version: Tekna

Run: 2400 km

engine Volume: 1.4 litres

Capacity: 88 forces

Dispersal to 100 km/ hour: 15 seconds

the Expense on a city: 8.5 litres

Cost: 623.000 roubles

we Thank Vashdrugavto for the help in the test organisation.

the author.

Nissan Micra Dispersal impresses all photos.
in “Mikre“ and at “Mikry“ only girls.