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At the same time with the bridge in Bottom painted two hundreds cars

As if the destiny, Nizhniy Novgorod metromost pursues a train mysterious and scandal stories. Workers a keg with ancient dorogushchimi coins dig out that and are completely gone together with it go on strike three months prior to object delivery...

Now here a new misfortune - painting metromost workers overdid, and at the same time painted some hundreds motor vehicles. All of them have been parked near with office building that is located nearby to building. Owners in shock.

- left after work, looked at the cars and simply were stunned! - 40-year-old Sergey shares impressions. Its cherry foreign car looks now as if the entertainment strewed by powdered sugar.

the militia at present accepted already 150 statements from the angered people. Actually the quantity of victims passed for a long time for two hundreds. The amount of damage, by various estimations can be estimated in millions roubles.

- Some try to brush thoroughly a paint independently - atsetonchikom and shlifovochkoj, - speak, well it turned out - one of victims Igor Matveev shares with us.

The man, the owner of ultraexpensive off-road car to be engaged in amateur performance does not prepare. The car is insured, that is why on a repaint which to cost about 400 thousand rbl. it will be necessary to fork up its insurance company.

- I can tell only one - who has CASCO, fantastically carried! - Matveev summarises. - And here the rests should back out money through court.

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