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Psihbolnoj with one hand hijacked cars

Inspectors of the Department of Internal Affairs across Izhevsk prepare for drive to court criminal case concerning the criminal which person is non-comparable to scales of its crimes. The 33-year-old invalid with one hand is accused of stealings of cars robberies, armed assaults and thefts.

«the arrested person was the frequent client of Republican clinical psychiatric hospital. At the man the left hand does not function, - Vesti.Ru quote words of the employee of the press-service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Udmurtiya of Tatyana Kuznetsovoj. - it is possible to find diagnoses In its hospital chart« debilizm “,“ intellectual backwardness ». And in criminal case materials behind it 42 crimes are registered, each of which differs the reasonableness, refinement and impudence.

after passage of a last year of treatment in psihbolnitse the man, by words Kuznetsovoj, seriously was engaged in psychology, started to read many books. Veins the future criminal serially at different acquaintances, without having the shelter as it native sold apartment and moved to other city. After treatment to the homeless appropriated 3rd “working“ group of physical inability with which it was annually necessary to confirm, but the man did not begin to do it and lost pension - a unique source of the income.

and further twirled, incurred. It made the first crime on September, 25th, 2008 - plundered the taxi driver, threatening it with a knife. The most simple thefts which were made by the arrested person is an abduction of a purse from a handbag prohozhej or the laptop at the neighbour in hospital chamber, the client psihbolnitsy stole cars simply to drive. Once the criminal cleaned the drunk man in the street. Taking away money, the passport and flat keys, the malefactor learnt its home telephone number and in the same night called a victim and informed that found in the street its documents and keys. The victim offered compensation. The invalid impudently arrived on a visit, for now owners searched for money to thank it for decency, the robber stole a cellular telephone. And, obtaining the promised reward, said goodbye and left …

But in an ending the swindler with the inquiry got. On set of all crimes the one-armed gangster is threatened at least with 10 years of imprisonment.