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Audi R8 broke off on pieces

How much time already said that before to sit down for a wheel of a powerful sports car, it is necessary to pass special driving school. One more proof to this statement was given by the owner of Audi R8 in capital United Arab Emirates Abu-Dabi.

it flied on a city on huge speed and could not manage to drive. As a result the sport car ran into a column, and from blow it broke off on two parts. One remained with a column, and the second took out on a road shoulder.

what here there can be comments?
No data on victims of incident are present. Also it is not clear, whether the driver is live. Though, judging by a photo to do optimistical forecasts it is not necessary, informs


In the end of September failure occurred to Audi R8 participation and at us in capital near to the Moscow State University of M.V.Lomonosova.! The 9-year-old student who was at the wheel of an exclusive sport car, probably decided to make impression upon the girl who was on passenger sitting.

it did not manage to drive and flew in Chevrolet, at the wheel which there was a 48-year-old man. Fortunately, did without victims. The driver of Chevrolet with serious traumas has been delivered in one of capital clinics. By the way, the price of Audi R8 depending on a complete set, varies from 3 to 6 million roubles.