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Leave the car in service? And know, what to it there occurs?

Scandal in America - servismenov the official dealer caught behind unseemly employment. Under blow all services of the country got at once.

everything when a certain Jayson, the owner guarantee Toyota Tundra, some times found out trifle shortage in pockets of the car Began after took away it after THAT.

the Official dealer - Hampton Toyota - did not react to Jaysons claims in any way. Then the owner established the chamber at a passenger door of the pickup before the next service in service.

removed video chamber appeared above any expectations. Servismen, sat down in “Toyota“, to begin with povytaskival a little “chetvertakov“ (25 cents) from numerous pockets of a huge pickup - are visible, assuming that the owner does not consider them. Then it took an interest in glovebox contents, tasted the medicines found there, and so on.

Video of the second episode has been removed from site YouTube as pornographic, informs Consumerist. Servismen, sitting in the client car, began to look gorjachenkoe video on the diagnostic laptop!

Jayson sent video to local journalists, and a copy - to the owner of the dealer centre. A result of it was that the dealer immediately dismissed the three employees noticed on video, and also the service-engineer who did not react to the complaint of the client. Jayson received the expanded guarantee on the Tundra.

And you consider cigarettes in a pack left in a glovebox of the car, or pjatachki, lying in a pocket?