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The snowfall stopped Moscow

The strong snowfall fallen to Moscow in revival and proceeding all night long, made the business. Movement in capital is almost completely paralysed. The city rose since the earliest morning, and according to the analytical centre «Yandex. Plugs» for 10.15 mornings congestion of highways made the maximum 10 points.

Kommunalshchiki combat elements, but the majority of streets continue to remain crude as the snow-removing technics costs in plugs and creates them. Formed huge snowdrifts sharply narrowed carriageways and in times reduced parking spaces in city centre that promotes education of traffic blocks even more.

and meanwhile authorities of the capital and GAI officers on Friday, right after the unfavourable forecast of weather forecasters, recommended to all motorists to do a bit of travelling on a public transport that kommunalshchiki could cope with a bad weather quickly. And here paradox! About a coming nearer snowfall it was known 48 hours prior to its beginning, but the situation turned out similar to those which occurred on December, 7th. Then, we remind, the strongest snowfall suddenly fell upon Moscow, and the road accident total slightly did not hold on to 3000. Extent of plugs on capital highways made about 900 km.

then all fault fell down on meteorologists, and general director Gidrometeobjuro of Moscow and Moscow Region to Alexey Ljahovu had to apologise before Muscovites for the inexact forecast. On whom fall down now?

And more the moment. It is remembered that the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov promised to disperse snow clouds to avoid similar transport collapses. But, probably, this invention decided to postpone to following snowfalls.


Under forecasts of weather forecasters, the snowfall proceeds till the end of day. Air temperature in the middle of day raises to marks a minus of 4-6 degrees in Moscow and 2-7 degrees of a frost on area. By the evening the temperature will be depressed to a minus of 9-11 degrees, in Moscow suburbs it is expected to 13 degrees of a frost. Tomorrow becomes even more strongly cold. The temperature falls in the afternoon to a minus of 15 degrees. And here on Wednesday again becomes warmer to a minus of one degree. And there, you look, and the rain goes. What to speak, with Coming!