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The car brought down the woman and drove in a hairdressing salon

Serious road accident occurred in two minutes of walking from the Kaliningrad regional steering of traffic police. Claret “Audi-100“ went on free road to the ninth oclock in the morning when in the centre of Kaliningrad yet there were no plugs.

- the 27-year-old girl passed at this time road on a pedestrian crossing, - Svetlana Postavnichaja informed “Member of the Komsomol“ the senior state inspector on propagation UGIBDD. - the Driver of “Audi“ saw the pedestrian at the last minute - the review to it blocked the bus which stopped on tram rails before “zebra“. Leaving from crash, the driver of “Audi“ sharply turned out a wheel to the right and in full operation the car took off on sidewalk, and then - drove in a hairdressing salon.

- I went for work on the street opposite side, suddenly heard noise as if something hit, broke, - Sergey, one of eyewitnesses of failure tells. - I saw that the car brought down a road protection - it was bent, as if not of a steel is made, with car side touched the woman - it already flew away. Then “Audi“ with force hit about beaters-shutters of a hairdressing salon and stopped as vkopanaja...

It was found out that in a beauty salon during this moment prepared for the working day - the cleaner wiped a floor. By a lucky chance beaters-shutters had time to open only on third, differently the foreign car would call in directly in a hairdressing salon. It is not excluded that victims then would be it is more.

To a place of accident gapers young and old there and then ran together. One rushed to the suffered woman, others got phones and started to photograph. Someone called “Fast“...

the Woman hospitalised in hospital fast medetsinskoj the help. A condition postradashej estimate as a condition of average weight.

at the wheel “Audi“, the guy 1984 year of birth by the way sat. Under the preliminary information, after survey found out that it was not drunk.