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That frosts did not take unawares

The midpoint of autumn is generous on nature whims. Can indulge with unexpected heat, but prepares for us small troubles like the frozen liquid in tubes of the washer, the begun to creak door hinges or disobedient “yard keepers“ is more often. It is time to put to natural “surprises“ a preventive attack.

scratches and cracks should be

Hardly probable the most artful enemies of your car - small skoly, scratches and other hardly noticeable damages of a paint and varnish covering. If under a paint water, that gets, freezing, it can call on a body every possible otsloenija, blisters and bubbles, or simply to blossom a rust. So be not too lazy to inspect attentively a body in all to perimetre. The most problem places are wheel arches, a first line of a cowl and a framework of glasses, especially front wind. By the way, cracks in glasses and headlights too are afraid some the frozen water.

Small defects can be corrected most by means of polyroles, wax pencils and a paint from ballonchika, but these are all half measures. Such protective layer not always can appear strong enough. So if you reflected about kuzovnom repair - now it is a high time, on spring it can cost dearer.

now we open a cowl and carefully proinspektiruem a condition of all visible hoses and joints - whether there are no on them zalomov, cracks and attritions. Disturbing labels become various begin to flow, unfamiliar stains and rust sites - it is quite possible that they specify in defects which let know about itself in colds.

that did not creak and it was not torn

In crude and cold weather especially it is necessary to take care of protection sharnirnyh and threaded connections, that is door hinge strains, mobile parts of window wipers, details of the telescopic aerial. The special attention is demanded by larva of door-locks which are very sensitive to a moisture and are afraid of frosts. Most simple, but rather effective mode - to use special water forcing out lubricant which, besides, well approaches for protection of electrocontact pieces (for example accumulator rooms) from oxidation. Really “a national“ preparation from this series - structure “WD-40“, well-known “vedeshka“. By the way, originally it was developed for needs of the American space industry still in the fifties the last century, and its name means “Water Displacement perfected on 40-th try“, that is “vytesnitel waters received on 40th attempt“. One more qualitative structure from this series - “LiquiMoly LM-40“ which is allocated by similar properties and works as effectively. To them successfully competes exhausted in Belgium (but having the American origin) a preparation “CRC 5-56”.

do not forget to process locks of doors.

For protection of electrical connections and contact pieces there are also special means, for example “Gunk Wire Dryer“. It forces out a moisture from microcracks of high-voltage wires and an ignition coil, forming on them a proof film. Thereby escape of pressure and faults in engine work is prevented. By the way, such it is not out of place to put structures in colds before night parking on ignition system details (high-voltage wires, a distributor cover, the condenser, an ignition coil, conducting, the accumulator - consider, the engine should be thus switched off). This simple procedure essentially facilitates “cold start-up“.

Hardly probable not the most one weak place during frosts - rubber weather strips of doors. If freezes, there is a risk to tear off them “with meat“. The best decision - to process these elastic bands special silicone lubricant which represents a transparent oily liquid. It is on sale in polyethylene bottles with “nouse“, and also in the form of aerosols (that is much more convenient). Quite often and that, and other packing is supplied by a sponge-applikatorom which allows to put structure for few seconds and not to soil a hand. Silicone lubricant rather tekucha so start to process doorways from the top point. And still qualitative preparations of this group, like “Permatex Silicone Spray Lubricant“ or, say, “Gunk Liquid Wrench Heavy Duty Silicone Spray“ (it “a liquid key“) are very multiple-purpose and can be used also for replacement of a moisture, protection of the ignition system, lubricant of hinges and a thread.

to glasses - the special attention

cloudy days depends on a condition of glasses not only drivers comfort, but also safety that is why it is not necessary to save on them. First of all, if at you classical frame window wipers - replace their rubber brushes which for this hot summer for certain had time to dry up and be erased. In a downpour such “yard keepers“ simply do not manage to reject effectively water and will smear only it on glass. Is better to establish so-called winter window wipers which are in appearance similar on usual “yard keepers“ in a rubber boot. They differ more a rugged construction and the raised protection of pivot connections. As a variant if the design of cleansing gears allows, it is possible to replace window wipers on beskarkasnye which are not afraid of freezing of “rocker actuators“ and consequently practically vsesezonny.

In rainy weather from a grid of drops on glasses the preparation “antirain“ helps. The principle of its action is based on so-called waterproof effect. The structure put on glass, strongly reduces its wettability, and drops, without managing to “be hooked“ for a surface, prepare in balls and roll down.

preparations of this series are issued as in the form of convenient aerosol packing, say, “Permatex No Touch Rain Shield Windshield Coating“, and in bottles and are put by a rag or a napkin, for example, structure “Fix-klar Regenabweiser“ from “LiquiMoly“. At drawing carefully observe the instruction - for example if it is not enough raspolirovat some structures, on glasses the whitish touch can be formed. All told, basically, concerns lateral glasses (and rear at sedans). As to the glasses equipped with “yard keepers“ then all depends on a washing liquid in a tank. The matter is that it possesses opposite - gidrofilnym effect more strongly to moisten a processed surface. As a result neither that, nor another structures will not work to the full.

we Wash glasses in colds

With a summer washing liquid it is necessary to say goodbye till next year. Came it is time winter structures. Choosing “omyvajku“, do not save. The five-litre canister of qualitative structure cannot cost cheaper 150-200 roubles more often. And solutions from known firms, for example “Hi-Gear HG5654” or “the Liquid flame” from the company “Turtle Wax”, cost approximately on one hundred-two rubles more expensively. But the main thing as we found out, final expenses on on expensive and cheap solutions as a result appear almost identical. The matter is that especially qualitative structures are capable to remove a dirt for one “raspryskivanie“, and at times it is required to put a cheap liquid intensively enough. Therefore the expense at poor-quality “omyvaek“ is more and to buy of them it is necessary more often.

Take care of replaceable tyre covers

Soon it is time pereobuvat the car. That summer rubber successfully wintered, observe some simple rules:

1. It is not necessary to store tyres in cold garage or a shed. Optimum temperature: +10-25°Ñ.

2. The premise should not be excessively crude or on the contrary - dry.

3. Tyres without disks are better for storing vertically. Each 1-2 their months should be turned a little to avoid deformation. It is not necessary to pile them horizontally or to suspend.

4. Tyre covers on disks are piled or suspended for a disk. Pressure in wheels thus should be lowered half.

5. Avoid the neighbourhood with aggressive liquids: gasoline, oils, solvents.

6. It is desirable to clear carefully wheels, it is better by means of special auto chemical goods.

7. Not out of place will make marks a chalk about an arrangement of wheels on the car.

8. Is better to bring tyres to a special place for seasonal storage of wheels. Usually it happens at shinnyh the centres or car-care centres.

manufacturers of auto chemical goods offer special sos