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Brought down spectators stritrejser was not a major and did not disappear from militia

Sergey Efims who has brought down people during illegal races in the south of capital, got to hospital.

«now the suspect is in hospital with a craniocereberal trauma», - “Interfax“ gives of a source word in law enforcement bodies.

errors, “jambs“, prokolchiki …

the Information on failure which occurred on the races, the second day “walks“ on mass-media. And in this time had time to acquire not only distortions, but also fables. People have an impression that again made dizzy with feeling of impunity mazhory arranged a street lawlessness which led to victims among casual passers-by. We do not prepare to rehabilitate and stipulate someone from participants of all these events, let in all the consequence and court understands, but we result the fresh information.

to begin with, Sergey Efims, the driver of Nissan Skyline GTR was not the director of a showroom, was only the manager in one of interiors ATTS «Moscow«. And really had experience of performances in quite legal competitions on motor racing. It GTR is model 1989, legendary for stritrejserov and drifterov. Naturally, operational development of such car costs not copecks. But it not Ferrari, and speech does not go about mad millions.

Certainly, race was not legal, both its organizers, and participants can be punished. The second, at least, for infringement of a high-speed mode for on a distance of the car of 402 m have time to be dispersed fastest admissible on roads of Russia of speeds. As a maximum - to seven years of imprisonment, for infringement of traffic regulations if two or more the person through his fault were lost. To organizers if their fault prove, shines till 10 years otsidki.

the Second: to the organisation of races of a steel pripletat appreciable clubs all in the slightest degree and the communities, uniting admirers of a street racing, tuning, driftinga and etc. Those, in turn, abuse all and all that «not in a theme», but climb with reasonings.


Visitors of a popular site put forward the versions of the reasons happened ( spelling it is saved )

Banditka: càìîå worthless that it not the first also is assured not last failure... On races chastenkoe the such occurs. All write, speak as all hrenovo..... Organizers of races, where you??? It only your fault and is more than anybody... When on start stand a heap of drunk people. Which do not understand that they risk not only the life... But also life of people surrounding them... Certainly it is easy to dump all, that lines are not present, that places are not present... If be not able to do professionally race then do not get down to business!!! Perfectly I know a line in tsaritsino, two strips, and a metre road shoulder... Where here to stand...?

Darkmaster: initially most of all it was a pity the driver.... It not in a city flied, and on action closed went, and victims, they is not simple pedestrians, they knew on what go …

Voobshchem really it is very a pity the guy, such there could be to many of us who though time uchavstvoval in races … Is desire to help, but at all I do not represent than ((((

Junior: … ANYBODY from organizers of the given club does not disappear! All on communication evidences demanded from their also are at any moment ready to give and to render the necessary help! Therefore all conversations, that they somewhere disappeared for city boundaries - BRAD!

Mihali4: it is terrible very much. Certainly, the driver of Skye is not guilty, as 402 metres - the extremely dangerous action. But after all and the guy on this light not to return.

what searches for the guilty is silly. Guilty in this situation is not present, it are victims. Only someone is punished, and someone lost the friend/brother/son. Here it is necessary to cry, instead of to splash bile.

Koljuchij666: here a problem not in the car! Not an error of Seryogi!! Though its error only one!!! It trusted orgam!!!! The line was in very herovom a condition!!!! If who though drove 500 strong skajlajna that understands!!! That any shit on a line! Can become very big problem! Besides 500 horses also nitrogen!! The right wheel of the car on a dirt zabuksovalo!!!

the Count: my opinion that a principal cause of drift of a car - sand - on video it is accurately visible in the form of sand club. < … > the line does not allow to spend initially bezopastno similar action since has no chippers.
for days before action it was necessary to wash up road polivalkami, but did not wash up - probably were afraid that does not dry up.

Dennja: Never in life went on drags, but the opinion about it, of course, is.

1. Does not give in to common sense to suppose spectators to roadside. There should be nobody. It is responsibility of organizers, they should watch. All that should be along a line - chippers, instead of ravines and trees. About a tree it too could not poorly will be put.
2. Certainly lines should be pure.
3. On arrivals necessarily there should be at least one car is fast. The help.

specified questions all above entirely lay down on organizers. The owner of the car pays for participation, its zone of responsibility - the car and ability to steer it.

that as a result? As a result we come back to old as the world to a question - where to drive? And it should be lines not only for specially prepared race cars, but also for usual cars and their owners, for which arrivals for time, simple entertainment. Lines are not present. The collective farm is.

it is my thoughts. Shortly.

Eric Davidych: I particularly know that it is necessary to do the first help to find this girl and ask to call me urgently!
It 1-is necessary to find co-ordinates of victims! All who can help help
It 2-is necessary to help parents of the lost guy with funeral and money and all than we can help
3-Blogery! Hackers where you? Help!