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the Sixth forum of cinematography of the CIS countries, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia finishes the WRK

" New cinema 2001 - 2002 " - so the sixth forum of cinematography of the CIS countries, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia which finishes on May, 15th the WRK in Moscow in the Central house of cinematographers is called, the correspondent " passes; News ".

as Organizers of this forum the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the ministry of culture of the Russian Federation, confederation of the unions of cinematography has acted.

all within the limits of a forum 106 films, more than 90 of which premier have been shown. On a forum has arrived more than 80 visitors, mainly from the CIS countries, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The forum included five programs, in which number of the program of game, documentary and animation cinema.

Besides, the forum included a retrospective show of an Ukrainian of cinema where 8 feature films of the Ukrainian cinematographers - men of the sixties have been presented. The retrospective show of Lithuanian film director Sharunasa Bartasa has been presented besides. As the chairman of the forum, a known script writer and kinodramatrug Rustam Ibragimbekov has told, the present forum gave special ATTN to creativity and problems of young cinematographers, dialogue of generations, as the main task of such forums and such dialogue in that link of times that dialogue of cinematographers of different generations as the necessary condition of development of a cinema proceeded has not broken up.

on closing of the sixth forum of cinematography of the CIS countries, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia it will be shown two films: a film of Armenian director Rigena Chaldranjana " the silence Concordance " and a tape of known director Valery Ahadova " an elegy Situated near Moscow " where such known actors, as Irina Kupchenko, Svetlana Nemoljaeva, Michael Ulyanov, are occupied by Ada Rogovtseva. It is a family drama which tells about difficult relations of three generations of a family of the known actor. This director has removed already more than 20 documentary films and more than 20 performances have put in Moscow and in other cities. It the author of such game pictures, as " Russia " " it is not recommended to offend the Woman " " Who will go to Truskavets " and others.