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In the Chechen Republic insurgents have undermined a motor vehicle W police officers, three persons

In capital of the Chechen Republic insurgents are wounded have undermined a motor vehicle W police officers.

as have informed " News " on Wednesday in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, state of emergency has occurred in the afternoon on Tuesday, on May, 14th on Old Promyslovsky HWY. In immediate proximity from a highway there was a land mine explosion, at the moment of passage on it militian Oise. As a result of blasting three militiamen have got wounds of various severity level and have been hospitalised.

explosion 2 has thundered on Tuesday morning in settlement Suburban in Groznensky area of republic. During carrying out of engineering investigation of district by military men of internal troops there was an explosion of an unstated explosive. By a lucky chance anybody from military men has not suffered.

all for expired days in the Chechen Republic it has been spent 6 operatively - search and preventive actions. In settlements and on posts it has been CKed more than 22 tys citizens and from above 13 tys motor transport units. During checks the weapon and ammunition was withdrawn, 419 administrative offences have been revealed. Besides, militiamen have found out and have destroyed on a place 23 underground mini - factory on oil refining and 2 improvised explosive devices.