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the Government of Karachaevo-Circassia has stopped activity in republic of Turkish lycee

the Government of Karachaevo-Circassia has satisfied the requirement of the public prosecutor of republic of Vladimir Gannochki ABT the activity termination " the International Karachaevo - Cherkessko - Turkish lycee ". ABT it " News " the assistant to the republican public prosecutor Igor Darmilov has informed on Wednesday.

As he said, in representation about it to a management of Karachaevo-Circassia the concrete infringements of the Russian legislation admitted as at the organisation four years ago of this educational institution in Cherkessk, and in the course of its formation have been accurately designated.

in particular, Darmilov has noted, the joint management declared in authorised documents of its lycee souchrediteljami was not. All functions of management took citizens of Turkey - the director and its confidants which number has twice exceeded necessity for teachers and tutors. Some of them have no documents on pedagogical education and the WRK experience, and some have arrived without the permission of migratory service. From 18 subjects 13 are taught only on Turkish and English though training of lyceum students in Russian W studying Turkish and English on courses was provided.

during public prosecutor`s check, Darmilov has underlined, other roughest infringements have been opened many. All it has formed the basis for the requirement of the public prosecutor of republic to withdraw the licence of lycee for the right of conducting educational activity and to cancel the certificate on its state accreditation.