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On Wednesday the Duma will consider the budget in the second reading - 2005

the State Duma will consider on Wednesday in the second reading the project of the federal budget for 2005. As the speaker of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov has noted in conversation with journalists on Tuesday, to the second reading of the budget has arrived a few enough amendments.

as he said, 2 the budget project of all 210 amendments are taken out, from them 52 it is recommended 2 acceptance, the others - 2 a deviation.

members of parliament plan to spend almost all plenary session for discussion of the project of the federal budget.

on Friday on chamber consideration the question on Report ratification 2 the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement W the European Union, in connection with expansion of EU and the introduction into it of ten new states in May of this year will be taken out.

Besides, deputies should consider the problem on ratification of the Kiotsky report.

earlier the speaker of the State Duma has specified that at the government and deputies a number of changes in the project of the budget of 2005 is co-ordinated. In particular, at the expense of reduction of expenses under article " Nation-wide expenses " on 10,2 billion roubles of two billion will be directed on building of habitation 4 military men and about eight billions - transfers to regions.

in the first reading the budget project the next year has been accepted on September, 29th. For budget acceptance 339 members of parliament, against - 96 have voted. Budget incomes are confirmed in volume of 3 trillion 326 billion roubles, expenses - 3 trillion 47 billion roubles.