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In South Korea in manufacture the youth elixir

the Elixir of youth to which 4 prolongation of the days the former leader of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea Kim Ir Sen, allegedly, used will arrive, is countenanced 4 application and manufacture in South Korea. In a preparation which needs to be dissolved in water during acceptance of improving baths, 12 natural components, including a wormwood, mulberry leaves, limonnik enter.

As has informed on Wednesday news agency Renhap, the doctor running six years ago to South Korea from Institute of fundamental medicine of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea Son En Hvan asserts that the youth elixir was used by Kim Ir Hay as one of traditional medical products.

an elixir 4 the baths, RCVed the name " Hjannimsu " - " Water of fragrant jewelry " feeds, rejuvenates and updates a skin, weakens muscles.

management of security of foodstuff and medicines of South Korea has CFMed with efficiency of this preparation.

Son En Hvan has published in South Korea the book " Ways of longevity and health of Kim Ir of Hay " in which he has stated the secrets used by the former leader of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea 4 prolongation of life.

Kim Ir Sen has suddenly died in the summer of 1994 at the age of 82 years.