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Experts: " Yuganskneftegaz " will get " to Gazprom "

Confidence of experts concerning purchase " Gazprom " the basic extracting enterprise " YUKOS " - " Yuganskneftegaz " grows every day.

the experts interrogated " News " consider that, most likely, " Yuganskneftegaz " will get " to Gazprom " instead of " to Surgutneftegaz " in spite of the fact that at the last sufficient volume of available assets.

the expert of investment company " Aton " Anatoly Kaplin believes that from the statement of representatives of Ministry of economic development and trade that there will be no obstacles concerning participation affilirovannyh W " Gazprom " structures in auction on sale " Yuganskneftegaz " it is possible to draw a conclusion that " Yuganskneftegaz " will get " to Gazprom ".

" It is possible to SPK W the big share of probability about participation and possible victory " Gazprom " in forthcoming struggle for the basic extracting " a daughter " " YUKOS " - Kaplin considers.

He has noticed that demand for actions of a gas monopolist has appeared for an hour B4 a news exit. " indirect factors specify in presence of insider purchases " - the expert considers.

the expert of the investment company " TSerih " Nikolay Podlevsky 2 believes that preference at sale " Yuganskneftegaz " most likely, it will be given " to Gazprom ".

" Reasons and hearings that the most probable buyer " Yuganskneftegaz " will be " Gazprom " gradually seize weights " - he marks.

according to the expert, active proshchupyvanie reactions of the markets to statements on " to YUKOS " most likely, means that decisions on sale " Yuganskneftegaz " Are already prepared and will be shortly officially declared.

Podlevsky notices that the guessing ABT the possible purchaser " became hobby of observers; Yuganskneftegaz ".

As he said, despite all scandalousness of forthcoming sale and the subsequent long trials W owners " YUKOS " and its minority shareholders, acquisition " Yuganskneftegaz " on today`s total debts " YUKOS " represents the big gift to the buyer.

the expert of the investment company " Fajnenshl the Bridge " Stanislav Kleshchev solidarenso the colleagues of that " Yuganskneftegaz " most likely, will get " to Gazprom ".

" On an unambiguous information stream it is possible to tell that " Yuganskneftegaz " will pass " to Gazprom " - Kleshchev marks.

As he said, the information arriving on the market, according to which basic extracting enterprise " YUKOS " will get to the Russian gas concern, it is negative 4 " Surgutneftegaz " as only this company from oil branch has sufficient free financial assets 4 acquisition of a sold share holding " Yuganskneftegaz " therefore it was called as one of probable applicants.

itself " Gazprom " declares absence of plans of participation in auction on sale " Yuganskneftegaz ".

" We do not study the transaction on purchase of actives " YUKOS ". It is not present in the project of the budget, the investment program for 2005 " - the head of gas concern Alexey Miller declared.

other large players in the Russian oil market 2 declared that do not plan to take part in auction on sale " Yuganskneftegaz ".

The day before head " Surgutneftegaz " Vladimir Bogdanov has declared that " Surgutneftegaz " yet does not consider possibility of participation in competition on sale of actives " Yuganskneftegaz ".

" We did not C the formal notice on competition and results of an estimation " Yuganskneftegaz " - Bogdanov has noted, having underlined that a management " Surgutneftegaz " " yet did not consider this question ".

earlier similar statement was made by head " LUKOIL " Vahid Alakbarov.

" we do not consider actives which are not on sale. At least, while " - he has told.

the chairman of the board of the multinational corporation - BP Michael Friedman 2 declared that the company will not get actives " YUKOS ".

" We are satisfied by actives which we have, - Friedman SPK. - purchase of actives (" YUKOS ") not in interests of our shareholders ".