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Alonso is not going to leave from " the McLaren " - the manager of the racer

the Operating champion " Formulas - 1 " Fernando Alonso does not intend to leave " the McLaren " contrary to last hearings in mass-media ABT its possible leaving upon termination of a season. It in interview of Bi - Bi - Si were declared by the manager of the racer Luis Garsija Abad.

" At us the operating contract, and we do not conduct negotiations W other " commands; - has declared Abad, having underlined that Alonso will continue career in " the McLaren ".

Thus the manager of the Spaniard did not begin to deny that its ward is not absolutely happy with the position in the command.

2 Abad has denied the information that Alonso ostensibly blackmailed " the McLaren " threatening to open the correspondence on electronic mail about the test - the pilot of the command of Pedro de la Dew in which new proofs on the case of espionage scandal contained. On MSG of some mass-media, Alonso thereby expected to achieve the unconditional status of the first pilot.

" These MSG are non-credible, - Luis Garsija Abad has declared. - All has occurred a little differently ".

The day before the International federation of motor racing (FIA) has announced new proofs on the case of espionage scandal, and Alonso`s correspondence and de la Dews became one of them just. From these letters follows that Alonso really RCVed the confidential information " Ferrari " from de la Dews to which in turn it was informed by the chief designer " the McLaren " Mike Koflen communicating with the engineer of an Italian team by Nigel Stepni.

on September, 13th on the basis of these proofs the World advice of motor racing has deprived " the McLaren " all points on account of the Cup of designers also has fined on 100 million dollars.