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the number of the Russians Has increased, wishing to graduate

Quantity of the Russians, wishing to graduate, annually increases, the rector of the Moscow State University of a name of Lomonosov, the president of the Russian union of rectors Victor Sadovnichy has informed on Saturday on Baltiysk an educational forum in Kaliningrad.

By the international estimations, in Russia the highest indicator of students. So on 10 thousand population 500 students are necessary, has noted Sadovnichy.

" In Russia now actually occurs " boom W education. And the quantity wishing to study, go into higher education at us in the country all increases " - the rector of the Moscow State University has told.

As he said, on a way of transformations and reforms to education the main thing not to lose the reached level and the traditions existing at ANY1 university.

Besides, in its opinion, it is necessary to save a science, fundamental education, quality of education, and also to develop processes of an exchange by experience W the international high schools and to be able to adopt QIK foreign experience.

SPK about a problem of the status of diplomas of the Russian high schools abroad Sadovnichy has noticed that many Russian employees of leading foreign high schools have no diplomas CFMed in this country, and the greatest ATTN is given to their knowledge.

" But we should struggle for that diplomas formally admitted abroad, and the young man felt protected " - Sadovnichy has told.

with that end in view Russia joins the Bolonsky convention which protects the rights and interests of citizens, has added and. An island of the Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Andrey Fursenko.

" Thus the Bolonsky convention means that quality of all diplomas should be one high level " - Fursenko has told.

He has noted, what not all Russian high schools provide such quality.

" Therefore our problem to achieve that our diplomas were accepted. It is protection of citizens of Russia, their interests, and the serious motivating to improve quality of education " - has concluded and. An island of head Minobranauki.

Thus he has added that diplomas of the Moscow State University, Sankt - the Petersburg university, MVTU Bauman`s name and other leading high schools are accepted practically everywhere in the world.