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the Film festival in Vladivostok has opened a premiere of the film " the Mongol "

the Premiere of the film " the Mongol " Sergey Bodrov - the senior the international film festival of the countries Asian - Pacific region " has opened on Saturday in Vladivostok; Meridians Silent " (Paņifiņ Meridian), the correspondent of News broadcasts.

" Primorski Territory - my native land, and I am glad to present the new film. It will be shown for the first time in Russia " - Bodrov - the senior has told.

the Epic tape " the Mongol " tells about one of the greatest conquerors - Genghis Khan.

For festival opening have gathered about 200 visitors - known Russian and foreign actors, directors, cinematographers.

Guests of honour of festival have passed on " to a star path " behind film festival opening ceremony, nesmotrja rainy weather, hundreds inhabitants of Vladivostok observed.

" the Film festival " Meridians Silent " becomes some kind of a cultural advanced post of Eurasia in the countries ATR. I hope, the festival becomes significant event not only 4 Primorski Krai, but also 4 all Russia " - the governor of Primorski Territory Sergey Darkin has told at opening of a film festival.

As he said, he has already solved, who becomes the owner of a special prize of the governor

" 9228 km " (makes distance between Moscow and Vladivostok so much), however a name did not begin to name.

known Russian directors participated In opening ceremony of the fifth international film festival Sergey Bodrov - the senior and Cyril Serebrennikov, actors Yury Nazarov, Irina Smolka, Natalia Sedyh. 2 on action there were the French director Brjuno Djumon, American actresses Olympia Dukakis, the son of well-known Hollywood actor Jula Brinnera - writer Rok Brinner.

the Spouse of the governor of Primorski Territory, the merited actress of Russia Larissa Belobrova and the actor of Seaside academic theatre of M.Gorkogo Alexander Slavsky at solemn ceremony have executed a film festival hymn.

At festival which will pass in Vladivostok from September, 15 till September, 21st, 166 films from 36 countries of the world will be shown. 22 films are included in the competitive program from 15 countries (Australia, China, South Korea, Indonesia, New Zealand, India, Japan) - 11 full-length and 11 short-footage films. Half of films of competition - debuts of the Russian and foreign directors.

Besides competition spectators can C films in headings " Special event " " Cinema of Russia " " In focus Japan " " More shortly + " and others.

this year the structure of jury of a film festival included film directors from Japan, Canada, Russia, South Korea, Australia. The Cannes winner the French director Brjuno Djumon became the chairman of jury.