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the Pension should make 50 - 60 % from the salary, Mironov

the Chairman of the council of Federation Sergey Mironov considers supports cardinal revision of the pension legislation in Russia and believes that the pension should make 50 - 60 % from the salary.

" It is necessary to reconsider the pension legislation cardinally. The pension of the NE Russian should depend only on two factors: from the size of the salary in an operating time and from the experience " - Mironov on Saturday at a MTG with deputies of parliament of the Chechen Republic has declared.

According to the speaker, there should be a direct communication between the experience of WRK and the size of pension: the more the experience, the bolshem pension.

" It is necessary not to patch a hole when extra charges (2 pensions) are eaten by a rise in prices. It is necessary to solve really a problem of debts of the state B4 the citizens " - he has told.