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Presidential election in Pakistan will take place in the first week of October

Presidential election in Pakistan will take place in the first week of October, the representative of high rank of party in power Muslim league, senator Mushahid Hussein Sajed (Mushahid Hussain Sayed) has declared on Saturday in teleinterview.

Officially date of elections will be declared within the next few days.

" the party in power has a sufficient majority in parliament to re-elect president Musharrafa for new term " - Mushahid Hussein has told.

the Senator 2 has declared that in case of re-election the present president of Pakistan general Pervez Musharraf will be ready to take off the military uniform, that is to retire from fast of the commander by army and to reserve only presidential fast. Action of present presidential term of Musharrafa comes to an end on November, 15th.

" After November, 15th general Musharraf becomes Mr. Musharrafom " - Mushahid Hussein has declared in a teleether.

Comments from the device of the president has not followed yet.

According to the constitution of Pakistan, the president chooses parliament. After presidential election universal parliamentary elections should take place 2. It is expected that they can pass in the end present - the beginning of next year.

the Basic intrigue, obviously, will be developed round parliamentary elections. According to polls, popularity of the military authorities falls, and in case of the open and free elections the opposition can RCV the parliamentary majority. Intention to participate in parliamentary elections already have declared two eks - the premiere, living in exile - Benazir Bhutto and Navaz Sharif.

Sharif has made in the beginning of this week attempt to return to Pakistan, but has been sent by the authorities to Saudi Arabia. Representative Benazir Bhutto has declared the day before that Bhutto intends to return home on October, 18th.

On MSG of the Pakistan press, between president Pervezom Musharrafom and Benazir Bhutto recently there are negotiations ABT possibility of creation of the pre-election political union.

the Military president of Pakistan general Pervez Musharraf has come to power in result of a bloodless military coup d`etat in 1999. In 2002 in Pakistan have passed parliamentary elections, but Musharraf has reserved fasts of the president ordering army and the right to send in resignation the government and to dismiss parliament.