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the USA are not in that position to attack Iran - the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran

Position of the USA in region does not allow to consider that Americans to dare at the military action against Iran for the purpose of destruction of nuclear objects of the country, the official representative has declared on Sunday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran Mohammad Ali Hossejni.

" In our opinion the USA are not in those conditions in practice to realise the threats (concerning Iran) " - the Iranian diplomat has told to journalists.

According to Hossejni, regularly appearing in the western mass-media with links to the informed sources of a MSG on working out in Washington of scenarios of the military decision of the Iranian nuclear problem " are not 4 Iran something new ".

" Iran completely oboronosposoben, and we hope that among the American politicians there are wise people who will not admit it (a military attack to Iran) as such actions will lead to that the USA is even more zavjaznut in region " - has noted Hossejni.

this week the American broadcasting company " Fox " referring to own sources in Bush`s administration has informed that refusal of Germany last week from any further sanctions concerning Iran has urged administration of the White House to begin actively consideration of plans of possible bombing attack to Iran during the nearest eight - ten MTH.

According to a source having Gud position in Bush`s administration, " all in a city " Now actively participate in wide discussions ABT the price and benefit of the military action against Iran eight - ten MTH - after results of preliminary (presidential) elections (" will be which most probable terms following; prajmeriz ") will be already defined, but still there will be enough time B4 November elections of 2008, the broadcasting company informs.