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John Pavel II Personal doctor has denied hearings ABT it evtanazii

. To Pope John Pavlu The Second B4 the latest MOM of his life there was a necessary medical aid, the personal attending physician of the pontifex professor Renato Butstsonetti (Renato Buzzonetti) in interview to the Italian newspaper Repubbliña which has left on Sunday has declared.

" to the PA there was a medical aid B4 the latest MOM of his life. It is truth that he SPK physicians: " Allow me to leave 2 God ". But this phrase was the highest form of last prayer of the person which very much suffered affliction and felt strong desire to come nearer to the Heavenly father " - the doctor has noted.

According to Butstsonetti, John Pavel II this phrase which after his death has generated hearings ABT evtanazii, was not an appeal to disconnect the patient from the devices supporting life.

" Who thinks so, is mistaken " - the doctor has underlined.

As has informed Butstsonetti, since March, 30th the pontifex could not eat independently, the decision on artificial feeding therefore was accepted, and these procedures did not interrupt to natural death of the PA.

John Pavel II has died on April, 2nd, 2005.