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Party " the Apple " 4 participation in elections will bring pledge in 60 million roubles

4 participation in December elections in the State Duma of the fifth convocation political party " the Apple " will bring pledge in 60 million roubles, Grigory Javlinsky has informed on Sunday.

" If we can, and I hope that we can, we will bring pledge to show that are assured of the forces and to save our possibilities 4 effective conducting election campaign " - has told Javlinsky to journalists in a break of session of congress.

As he said to refuse petition of voters its party has urged a case on regional elections in St.-Petersburg when authenticity bolshej parts of signatures was called in question from election committee.

Under the Russian legislation, 4 participation in parliamentary elections the political party which has been not presented in present structure of the State Duma, can bring pledge in 60 million roubles or collect two million signatures of voters.