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Andrey Lugovoj has submitted the claim against the newspaper " the Businessman "


Moscow, 16 sen - News. the Russian businessman Andrey Lugovoj accused by Office of Public Prosecutor of Great Britain in murder eks - the officer of FSB Alexander Litvinenko, has submitted the claim at a rate of 20 million roubles against the newspaper " the Businessman " for the publication discrediting its honour and reputation of data, Meadow Tatyana Stukalova has informed journalists on Sunday the lawyer.

article " became the Occasion to the claim; Boris Berezovsky have enlisted in spies " published in " the Businessman " on July, 9th, 2007.

" we Believe that given article contains the data which are not representing the facts, discrediting honour, worthiness and business reputation Meadow " - Stukalova has told.

As she said, at the heart of the claim the phrase from article lies: " After the royal Office of Public Prosecutor of Great Britain has in absentia accused him of murder W use of radioactive polonium - 210 Litvinenko, the mister Meadow has declared to the first communications of the victim with the British special services ".

" According to my claimant, word combination use " Meadow the first has declared communications of the victim " after words about murder of Litvinenko has led to that the opinion in which result Meadow it is exposed in an image of the criminal - murderers Litvinenko " has been imposed readers of the newspaper; - has explained the lawyer.

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