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the Destiny of following Greek government will be solved by outsiders of elections


Athenes, 16 sen - News, Alexey Bogdanovsky.

On preschedule parliamentary elections passing in the country the new selective legislation operates: from 300 places in parliament 260 are distributed on proportional system, and 40 get to the party which have typed a majority of votes. A leah thus can generate the winner the one-party government, will define a poll, submitted for those parties which cannot type 3 % and gets to parliament.

two parties apply For victory on elections - ruling right-centrist " only; New Democracy " and Vsegrechesky socialist movement PASOK. Rupture between them, on last polls, made about 1,4 % in favour of party in power. For three W superfluous decades the defeated party in Greece did not type less than 40 % of voices.

it is important to ANY1 association to come 2 finish the first. As the winner RCVs solid " a prize " in 40 deputy mandates, rupture between two parties is almost unimportant. But here majority formation in 151 voice from 300 will depend on total number of the voices submitted for parties - the outsiders who have remained out of parliament, - their voices will be distributed between winners.

For example if for all outsiders 3 % of voices the defeated party will need to type 41,4 % 4 formation of the one-party government are submitted. And here if outsiders RCV about 6 % of voices 40 % 4 independence in cabinet formation are required to the winner. A leah

Can repeat the winner of elections the previous triumphs of two-party system, remains not clear. Last weeks B4 elections popularity of both favourites - " New Democracy " And PASOK - decreased, and political scientists not undertake to foretell, a leah can cross the main parties a barrier in 40 % of voices.

the Greek communists do not apply For a role of outsiders and the Left-wing radical union - most likely, they will manage to pass in parliament. And here the far right National orthodox appeal (Laos) balances hardly above a threshold in 3 %, and 17 more small parties and associations intend " to bite off " 2 - 3 % of voices 2GETHR.

Thus, nationalists from Laos can appear under force to define results of elections. If they pass in parliament, it will essentially raise a lath 4 the leader applying for the one-party government. If far right remain " behind a board " most likely, the winner can organise the government independently.

As to possibility of formation of a coalition all parties IAE reject this possibility. Correcting pravotsentristy do not want to take in a coalition far right. Communists essentially do not want to be blocked W " antinational " forces, and levoradikaly are afraid to enter into the government W socialists, not to be absorbed by a congenial coalition.

As the prime minister - the minister of Greece has declared Kostas Karamanlis in case by results of elections it will not be possible to generate the one-party government, it will not conduct negotiations ABT a coalition, and will appoint new elections.

Thus, 2NITE on Sunday the ATTN of leading parties will be chained to small parties, mainly 2 nationalists. Possible losers of elections have control over a key to success of winners.