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the Famous victualers of Spain have got under court for payment " the revolutionary tax "

Two most well-known Spanish victualers having an international recognition, have appeared B4 the judge of the Sovereign judicial board in Madrid, engaged especially important issues, on charge in financing of the terrorist organisation THIS.

both accused have agreed to pay THIS " the revolutionary tax " which baskskie insurgents assess businessmen.

accused became the owner of elite restaurant in the Dignity - Sebastjane Juan Mari Arzhak, the author of many books on cookery, constantly presenter of the program on the central television, and also its little less known colleague Pedro Subizhan. Both are considered as founders glorified " new baskskoj kitchens " which has RCVed popularity and a recognition is far outside of Spain.

Them have brought to court after the arrested person in the beginning of October ETA member Jose Luis Beotegi (it the relative of the former WF of Arzhaka) has informed on interrogation that has passed Arzhaku and Subizhanu the letter from a management of the terrorist organisation in which the requirement to show " contained; patriotic feelings " and to pay to insurgents on 72 thousand euro.

according to Beotegi, Arzhak and its colleague have accepted requirements THIS, but have asked to reduce it a tribute. As a result they have paid on 35 thousand euro at a time ANY1, and were obliged and henceforth to pay on six thousand euro a year.

under article about financing THIS is necessary imprisonment within ten years. However earlier the court always justified accused of payment " the revolutionary tax " accused always justified, if it was possible to them to prove that they operated under " threat 4 life ". The court took into consideration that the businessmen, refusing to render tribute to terrorists, repeatedly killed or abducted, extorting from them znachtelno great sums.

on Monday the judge has heard indications of Arzhaka and Subizhana and has released them. On an exit the accused have refused to answer questions of journalists.