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the President of Syria and the head of Democratic party of Kurdistan declare necessity of preservation of national unity of Iraq

the President of Syria Bashar Asad and the head of the Iraq Democratic party of Kurdistan Masud Barzani declare necessity of preservation of national unity of Iraq 4 safety and stability in the country, and also 4 the occupation termination.

as it is told in a MSG a press - services of the president of Syria, the parties have declared it during a MTG of Bashara Asada with Barzani which is on a visit in Damascus.

Bashar Asad 2 has declared again that its country is on the party of the people of Iraq and is ready to render it complete support.

earlier Masud Barzani met the assistant to the Secretary general of Party of the Arabian socialist revival correcting in Syria Abdalloj Ahmarom, and also W the vice-president of Syria Abdel Halimom Haddamom.

According to the Syrian sources during these negotiations necessity to put a maximum of efforts 4 strengthening of national unity of the Iraq people for the purpose of the termination of occupation and restoration of uniform and democratic Iraq W/ O any foreign intervention in its internal affairs has been underlined.

the delegation of Democratic party of Kurdistan led by Masudom Barzani except Syria has visited 2 Iran, Turkey and Jordan.