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Presidents of Austria and Israel at negotiations in Vienna have denounced terrorism and extremism in its forms

Presidents of Austria and Israel during negotiations in Vienna the terrorism and extremism in its forms have denounced.

" we denounce terrorism and intend to make active struggle against it " - the federal president of Austria Heinz Fischer has declared.

in turn, the president of Israel Moshe Katsav has declared that " Europe should understand that Israel possesses the right to protect security of the citizens ".

" If we do not stop terror it is not known, in what direction the mankind " will develop; - Katsav has told.

He has declared that " the Palestinian terror against the peace population costs on a way of the peace decision of the Near-Eastern conflict ".

At this Katsav has noticed that the purpose of Israel are not the Palestinian people.

" we do not battle against the Palestinian people which 2 suffers affliction from terrorism. We battle against terrorism and terror " - has underlined Katsav.

He has assured that Israel on - former is attached to the peaceful settlement plan " a road map ". " we do not have intention to change this " a road map " - Katsav has told.

Heinz Fischer has in turn called Palestinians for renewal of negotiations W Israel. According to the president of Austria, " the European union and Austria are deeply convinced that the peace decision of the Near-Eastern conflict probably only by negotiations, and attempts to find the decision military means should be immediately stopped ".

the Head of the Austrian state has underlined that the visit first in the history to Austria president of Israel " is deeply symbolical " also has declared that official Austria rejects anti-Semitism in the NE form.

Fisher has told that " Austria 2 bears responsibility for those crimes which were created in days of nazism domination ".