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the trawler Crew pickets administration of Kamchatka

trawler Crew " Amarel " belonging " to the Magadan base of trawling fleet " (MBTF) has exposed picket at a building of administration of the Kamchatka area, demanding salary payment.

seamen have taken place in the improvised tent from a saving raft, cook food on the fires dissolved near to the Kamchatka administration.

as has informed " News " one of crewmen, the inhabitant of Magadan Nikolay Kuznetsov, crew " Amareli " does not RCV the earned money already almost 16 MTH.

since August 2003 till April, 2004, a trawler conducted a craft in Ohotsky and the seas Beringovom. On end of flight management MBTF has refused to pay 450 thousand roubles of a salary to crew. Since April, 4th, 2004 the vessel costs in port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij.

40 from 70 crewmen are urged to remain onboard a vessel from - for absence of means for air tickets. The trawler is deprived the electric power, fresh water. Air temperature in cabins where there live seamen, does not rise above 5 - 7 degrees of heat.

people have no means for acquisition of the most necessary, including foodstuff.

the crew has created the commission on labour disputes and was converted into court. A vessel have arrested, the auctions have been held. However court enforcement officers have braked payment to crew as management MBTF challenges legality of tendering.

in case the question W repayment of debts on a salary will not be solved till Monday, seamen intend to begin termless hunger-strike.