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" Institute of an open society " it is disturbed by Ilya Maftera`s status

Financed by the American multibillionaire George Soros " Institute of an open society " it is disturbed by a state of health of the employee Ilya Maftera detained by KGB of Belarus on Monday.

" we urge the Belarus authorities to release it immediately. " institute of an open society " it is extremely disturbed by its health and a status " - it is SPK in the statement of the president of this organisation of Arija Nejra extended in the USA.

" We are stunned by Ilya Maftera`s arrest which works over the projects useful to Belarus and its people " - it is underlined in the document.

according to institute, Mafter which are the citizen of the USA and many years worked in nju - jorkskom branch of this organisation, in Belorusii together with the Belarus Ministry of Education worked over the project on expansion of services of the Internet.

The Project management is carried out by the Program of development of the United Nations, is SPK in a MSG where it is noticed that Mafter is " the adviser of the United Nations ".

the Official representative of US State department Richard Baucher at a briefing in Washington on Tuesday has refused to comment on arrest of Maftera as the American foreign policy department, as he said, has not obtained the permit to promulgation of the data concerning under laws of the USA 2 sphere of private life of the mentioned person.

" the official representative of consulate has visited him on October, 16th, and we have offered it NE necessary assistance " - the representative of State department who has refrained from any estimations of the fact of arrest of Maftera has told.

the Head of Belarus KGB Leonid Erin has informed on Monday that in Belarus the citizen of the USA Ilya Mafter - the expert of the Program of development of United Nations (prooon) is detained and placed in a pre-trial detention centre.

" All information centres (oppositions) is was it (Maftera) the project, but meanwhile he did not 4get to put money in the pocket " - Erin to group of journalists and the representatives of opposition invited in its study has told.