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ceremony of a reinterment of remains of Nikolay Batjushina

On Nikolo Will take place - Arkhangelsk the cemetery in Moscow suburbs on Wednesday will take place ceremony of a reinterment of remains of one of founders of Russian military investigation the general - lieutenant Nikolay Batjushina.

ABT it " News " the president of the Society of studying of history of the Russian special services, the candidate of historical sciences Alexander Zdanovich has informed.

" on Wednesday remains of Batjushina will be delivered in the Sheremetyevo - 1 then the train W its ashes will go on Nikolo - the Archangelical cemetery 4 a reinterment " - Zdanovich has informed.

exhumation of remains of the Russian general buried on a cemetery of the city of Bren - le - Kont in French-speaking region of Belgium - Vallonii, has taken place on October, 15th.

according to Zdanovich, on a reinterment which will be carried out on Russian orthodox canons, blessing patrha Moscow and vseja Russia Alexy II is RCVed.

On a cemetery last honours to the general will be rendered by a guard of honour of the Kremlin regiment. " at ceremony there will be representatives of Russian Orthodox Church and the Joint Staff " - the interlocutor of agency has added.

over a tomb the tombstone which has been taken out from a cemetery in Bren - le - Kont will be established. Next year on a burial place place will establish a small monument and a bust of Batjushina.

Search of a tomb of the general on territories of Belgium, and also transportation and a reinterment of its remains was organised by Fund of support of veterans of FSB and the Society of studying of history of the Russian special services.

Zdanovich has reminded that the participant Russian - Japanese and World War I of wars Nikolay Batjushin is known as one of fathers of Russian military investigation and the author of the book " Secret military investigation and struggle against it ".

Till 1914 the general headed investigation and counterspionage of a staff of the Warsaw military district, and in 1914 has been appointed by the head of investigation and counterspionage of Northern front of the Russian imperial army which staff was deployed in Pskov.

Batjushin did not participate in civil war, though for the rest of the natural remained the convinced monarchist.

in 1920 the general has emigrated from the Soviet Russia, having left to Yugoslavia where lived before the Second World War. In emigration he was engaged exclusively in public work and literary work, in emigre organisations did not consist.