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the first session of Advisory council of the State Duma on questions aviation Will take place - a space complex

On Thursday the first session of Advisory council of the State Duma on questions aviation - a space complex which is created at committee on the industry, building and high technologies will take place.

the primary goal of activity of advisory council is creation of the effective legislative base aimed at development of strategically important branch 4 the country of an aerospace structure.

2 as advice priorities are designated protection of interests of the Russian manufacturers in the world market, support and advancement of key state programs in area aviation - a space complex, rendering of assistance to the government in formation balanced economic and personnel selection in this question, and also development of the basic characteristics of the budget aviation and is rocket - space branches, including a question of attraction of off-budget means.

The advice structure included deputies of the State Duma, representatives of the government, the leading Russian branch companies, scientific institutes and educational institutions. The chairman of the council is the deputy of the State Duma, a member-correspondent of Academy of astronautics of a name of Tsiolkovsky Alexander Belousov.

At the first session of advice participation of the head of Federal space agency of the Russian Federation Anatoly Perminova, the director of Department oboronno - an industrial complex of Minpromenergo of the Russian Federation Yury Kopteva, the president of the International union of an aircraft industry of Tatyana Anodinoj is expected.