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In New York the oil price again have come nearer 2$55

Closely 2$55 again the price of oil for Nju - Jorksky commodity - a raw stock exchange has come nearer.

on Wednesday the day auctions have come to the end there on a mark of $54,92 for barrel that on $1,63 there is more than indicator of closing of Tuesday and all on 51 cent less than the absolute historical maximum reached on Monday.

growth of quotations the market has reacted to a MSG of a Department of Energy of the USA on reduction past week stocks of black oil and diesel fuel in the country on 1,9 million barrels B4 119 million barrels. It approximately on 10 % is less than level of the similar period of last year.

the fresh statistics has strengthened fears concerning occurrence of deficiency of black oil on the threshold of the coming nearer winter heating period.

in October at the American processing enterprises traditionally there is an increase in stocks of fuel. However this year their replenishment is at a loss consequences of September hurricane " Ivan " which has put out of action some oil objects in Gulf of Mexico and at its coast.

after elements blow there it is now extracted on 430 thousand barrels less, than usually.

According to last data, concede to last year`s volumes and the stocks of the black oil which has been saved up in such countries, as Germany and Japan.