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Prince Charles has met in Uganda the former prostitutes

LDN, 24 aching - News, Alexander Smotrov.

Inhabitants of the area Kavempe which population about 300 thousand persons, greeted arrival of the prince, having built along streets. They were glad that Charles was not frightened to arrive to their slums where people live in poverty and is close.

Population density in Kavempe makes about 9 thousand persons on the square kilometre, every tenth inhabitant is infected by a HIV virus, and the AVG income makes about 30 dollars a MTH on the person.

Prince Charles has met the former prostitutes who by means of the British public organisations have taken place now a rehabilitation course and social adaptation to get normal WRK.

Passing on dusty streets Kavempe, the fellow-heir of the British holy table 2 has glanced in one of local grocery little shops. Its admired proprietress then admitted that now wants to rename shop, naming it " the Bench of king Charles ".

" I am very happy, very proud. Never before to me the prince " here did not come; - the newspaper of a word of the mistress of shop Maurin Kandzhejo quotes.

For the first time for last 33 years prince Welsh Charles and his wife accompanied this week the queen of Great Britain Elizabeth the Second in foreign visit. Members of royal family in Uganda have taken part in the summit of British Commonwealth, and also have met W ugandijskimi politicians, have visited some schools, hospitals and other establishments of social sphere.

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