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Sterligov intends to persuade the Penza sectarians to leave from - under the earths

One of the first Russian millionaires, the former founder of a stock exchange " Alisa " and nowadays sheep breeder Herman Sterligov situated near Moscow has informed News that intend to persuade the sectarians who have taken cover in a dugout in the Penza region, to leave from - under the earths, not to endanger children being W them.

" From Belarus the group of persons, including the deputy of national meeting Nikolay Dubovika has been invited to try to convince the Belarus citizens who have climbed in a hole in village Nikolsky, to leave from - under the earths. Driving through Moscow, Dubovik was converted behind the help to me that I on the example have tried to explain to them that is unessential to get under the earth to protect itself and children from noxious influence of television, modern school, drugs " -

the Businessman who has surprised in due time the Russian public by sale of a private residence on Rublevke and departure in a deaf province, has informed that already has had time to talk over with supporters of the leader of sect, so-called father Peter who have not left under the earth and live in molelnom a small house.

" In spite of the fact that people name themselves orthodox christians, they imagine orthodox belief very approximately, and owing to full illiteracy in questions of belief of a distance of to deceive several klikusham female and a masculine gender " - Sterligov has told.

As he said, sectarians have climbed under the earth after certain " visions " in which it was " it is foretold " concrete date of end of the world.

" People are in a deceit grave condition. No forces without damage to health will not possible to pull out them until they through conversation in close and clear language 4 them will not understand that them roughly deceive " - the businessman has told.

militiamen Protecting a dugout yet have not allowed Sterligovu to talk to people underground through acoustical apertures, referring that the permission of investigating bodies for this purpose is necessary, and in the day off it is impossible to RCV it.

" Now we W8 for the decision of investigating bodies, will admit or will not admit us 4 conversation to bring the small contribution to that people have understood that them deceive " - Sterligov has told.

In Bekovsky area of the Penza region of 29 persons among which four children, were reserved by products and have taken cover in the underground refuge dug out by them where W8 for end of the world which, in their opinion, will come in May, 2008. People threaten to burn themselves if concerning them violent measures are taken. Among people who have taken cover underground ten citizens of Belarus.

Concerning head of sect Peter Kuznetsova the Office of Public Prosecutor has filed criminal charges as regards 1 article 239 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (the organisation of the association encroaching on the person and the rights of citizens). Now it passes inspection in psychiatric clinic.