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the Amsterdam company

became the Winner of festival of marihuana. In Amsterdam has come to the end passing W the beginning of this week 20 - j the international festival ņannabis ņup one of the largest and known companies Green House Seeds in this sphere became which winner, the correspondent of News informs.

This unique action involves capital of the Netherlands of fans of marihuana made of hemp and hashish from every corner of the globe. Its permanent organizer - the American, the editor-in-chief of magazine High Times published in New York Stephen Hejger (Steven Hager).

25 companies have taken part In competition on a rank of the best manufacturer of seeds and bushes of hemp and products from it this year and 21 kofishop - institutions existing in Holland in which it is possible to use soft drugs - marihuana and hashish. The official site of festival invited all wishing to become judges of these competitions. For this purpose it was to be registered enough in a staff - to apartment

Judges had possibility to taste at an exhibition offered by various manufacturers and kofishopami marihuana grades, putting down their marks. For this purpose are required remarkable health and forces as it is necessary to taste B4 30 grades of marihuana in day. 4 those who was as a result disconnected from an external world and could not take part further in tasting any more, rest rooms were given.

Within the limits of festival the big exhibition ņannabis ņup Expo has been organised.

in first two days of festival the exhibition is opened 4 general public. She was visited by a great number not only Dutches, but also foreign tourists. They had possibility to get acquainted with technics of manufacture of hashish, to take part in seminars, to hear to public interviews to last year`s winners and other celebrities, and also performances of musicians. In particular, about secrets of cultivation of hemp has told one of the experts most known in the narcotic world Horhe Cervantes whom beer made from hemp, wine, liquors, butter, chocolate, sugar candies and cakes W marihuana, cosmetics W components from hemp, a paper 4 roll-ups and accessories 4 smoking, books ABT hemp and marihuana, including ABT cultivation of hemp and application of products RCVed from it, in particular, in medicine, and also pictures and posters

Besides drugs, at an exhibition have been presented.

" At us in the country hemp and products from it are extended. We like culture of marihuana, and we come the second year to Amsterdam on an exhibition ņannabis ņup Expo successively. This remarkable action, and we hope that we can and in the future him to visit " - News visitors from Israel have told.

the First festival ņannabis ņup has taken place in Amsterdam in 1987 at the initiative of the editor of magazine High Times Stephen Hejgera (Steven Hager). W variable success the festival passes annually 20 years.